Department of Stomatology and Maxilofacial Surgery

812 50   Bratislava, Heydukova 10, tel. 32249 111

Head of the Department: Prof. Peter  S t a n k o, MD, PhD.

phone: 32249 710, 32249 742, fax: 59249 724
e-mail: peter.stanko(at)

Deputy Head: Bohuslav N o v á k , MD, PhD.

phone 32249 766, e-mail: bohuslav.novak(at)

Secretary of the Dpt: Assoc. prof. Stanislava  V e s e l á, MD, PhD.

phone 32249 767

Typist: Dagmar   W e r n e r o v á

phone 32249 711, e-mail: dagmar.wernerova(at)



Prof. Lydie I z a k o v i č o v á  H o l l á, MD, PhD.
Branch of Science Stomatology
Branch of Science Pathological Physiology

Prof. Vladimír   J a v o r k a, MD, PhD.
Branch  of Science Stomatology

Prof. Peter   S t a n k o, MD, PhD.
Branch of Science Stomatology


Assoc. prof. Jozef   M r a č n a,  MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Stomatology

Assoc. prof. Peter  P l a c h ý, MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Stomatology

Assoc. prof. Stanislava   V e s e l á, MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Stomatology

Assoc. prof. Ján   V o d r á ž k a,  MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Stomatology

Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers:  

Lea C s i c s a y o v á, MD, PhD.

Rastislav E d e l s t e i n, MD

Izabella F e i t s ch e r o v á, MD, PhD.

Kristína F é d e r o v á, MD

Taras F e l t s a n, MD, PhD.

Deana F r a n i a k o v á, MDDr.

Darina G a b á n i o v á, MD, PhD.

Kristína H a l m o v á, MD

Tatiana H o l í k o v á, MD

Dušan H o l l ý, MD, PhD.

Michaela K a l a j o v á, MDDr.

Zita K e s t l e r o v á, MD, PhD.

Evangelos K i l i p i r i s, MDDr.

Daniel K o v á č, MD, PhD., MPH

Ján K o v á č, MD, PhD., MPH

Juraj L y s ý, MD, PhD.

Ľubomír M a l í č e k, MDDr.

Amir Amiry M a n e s h, MD, PhD.

Marek M a t a j s, MDDr.

Šamseh M e r d a a, MDDr.

Tomáš N e m č o k, MDDr. 

Bohuslav N o v á k, MD, PhD.

Andrea N o v á k o v á, MD, PhD. 

Gabriela P a v l e o v á, MD, MPH

Ivan P a v l o v, MD

Roman P e c h á ň, MD

Soňa P i n t é š o v á, MDDr.

Branislava P í r k o v á, MDDr.

Dušan P o r u b a n , MD, PhD.

Viola S l a b e j o v á, MD

Katarína S o b o l í k o v á, MDDr.

Tatiana S o k o l o v á, MD, PhD.

Adam S t e b e l, MD, MDDr.

Blanka S u ch a n c o v á, MD, PhD.

Tomáš S z ó r á d, MDDr.

Daniela Š u t e k o v á, MD, PhD.

František T h a l m e i n e r, MD

Andrej T h u r z o, MD, PhD., MPH

Anna T o m a n d l o v á, MD, PhD.

PhD. Students:

Anna N á d a ž d y o v á, MDDr.

Other staff:

Zdenka Č e r v e ň o v á

Terézia Ch u d á

Monika J a k u b o v s k á

Romana K o n e č n á

Klaudia P á k o z d y o v á

Lýdia S á d o v s k á

Alexandra S e d l á k o v á

Diana S z i l i n s z k á


Section of Preclinical Dentistry

Head of the Section:  Lea   C s i c s a y o v á, MD, PhD.


Assoc. prof. Peter P l a c h ý, MD, PhD. - Branch of Science Stomatology


Lea   C s i c s a y o v á, MD, PhD.

Darina   G a b á n i o v á,  MD, PhD.

Zita  K e s t l e r o v á, MD, PhD.

Roman   P e c h á ň, MD




Department of Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine Comenius University and of the Oncologic Institute St Elisabeth provides 85 % of education in clinical and preclinical subjects of dentistry:

Preclinical Dentistry, Dental materials and Technologies, Conservative Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology, Paediatric Dentistry, Dental Prosthetics, Orthopedic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Gerontology, Management of a Dental Practice, Dentoalveolar Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery.

Department disposes of 40 dental units for practical work of students, 2 phantom training rooms with 24 workplaces and 4 dental units, bed departement with 18 beds, 2 major and one minor operating theaters, x-ray  workplace, dental laboratory with 18 technicians.

To other facilities belong one lecture hall for 120 audience and 2 seminar rooms each with capacity of 15 - 20 students. A liberary of the Oncological Institute is at disposal. At all dental offices and seminar rooms computers with access to internet are available. The lecture hall and other room are equipped with required didactic technique. 

The Department as a educational basis of all dentistry branches and subjects has a large scope in diagnostics, therapy and research work. It provides beside basic treatment also some highly specialized activities e.g.: treatment of incooperative patients under premedication and general anaesthesia, insertion of dental implants, endodoncy of milk teeth, oral and maxillofacial oncology, fabrication of epitheses and endoprotheses, conservative and surgical treatment of dento-facial anomalies, TMJ disorders etc.

The scientific and research work includes: epidemiology, diagnostics, prevention and therapy of dental caries and periodontal diseases, reconstruction of bone and soft tissue defects with steam cells, complex dental implantology, dentalne materials, dentures etc.

Two grants deal recently with creation of new learning literature and implementation of computer technique into programming of  treatment and prevention activities and digital diagnostics of orthodontic anomalies.

For diagnostics, treatment and research there are fully to disposal all clinical laboratories of the Oncological Institute and the same way all devices and technical equipment of other departments of the OI