ENROLMENT - Information about Enrolment for 1st year students in academic year 2019/2020

22. 07. 2019 14.20 hod.

Date: 6th of September, 2019 at 8,00 a.m.

Place: Large Auditory FMCU, Sasinkova 4, Bratislava (the same Auditory in which Entrance examinations took place).

It is obligatory to come personally on Enrolment. It is not possible to postpone Enrolment to another day (Supplement of the Study Regulation Art.1, sec. 6).


1.      Registration. ID card/ passport - a valid identity document, please bring a pen.

We will check all your documents again. Do not forget for Validation (Nostrification)– you have to submit at least the Request that you have already started the procedure of Validation (paper in printed form).

If some of your required documents are missing then based on the Study regulations of FMCU you cannot be enrolled.

2.      Welcome speech

3.      Filling Enrolment form based on the instructions of study officers at the place (you will receive Enrolment form at registration)

4.      Filling Index based on the instructions of study officers at the place (you will receive Index at registration)

5.      Completion of registration: in attachment you can find template of 2 documents (1. Informed consent, 2. Decision- tuition fee in English/Slovak). Please read it carefully because you have to sign it during the process of completion of registration. (1 copy for you + 1 copy for Faculty from both documents)

6.      Education starts on 16th of September 2019. All necessary information related to study books you will get on the first lessons of each subject (you will receive Study schedule at registration).


Contact person for 1st year students: Mgr. Michaela Gašparová (michaela.gasparovafmed.uniba.sk, +421 90119 225)