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1st Department of Geriatrics (DG) has been an integral part of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University and University Hospital in Bratislava since 1979. Nowadays it is located in the main Kramare hospital area. It is involved in health care, teaching process and in scientific work. When it comes to health care, DG is responsible for patients above 64 years of age living in particular places of residence in Bratislava suffering from an acute medical condition. There are 45 beds in 3-bed wards, an intensive care unit, out-patients´ offices, ECG and ultrasound facilities in DG, MR is located in the same building as DG, other necessary diagnostic procedures are easily accessible in the main building of Kramare hospital. The most prevalent diseases in our patients are cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, renal and those of urinary tract, metabolic and blood diseases, including emergent cases, forming the typical patient pattern in DG: a polymorbid senior with an acute disease. Yearly we provide care for about 1700 hospitalised patients. DG participates in pre-gradual (medical students) and post-gradual (specialists) training in internal medicine and in geriatrics and in doctoral (PhD.) studies as well. Pregradual DG involvement starts in the 3rd class with internal propedeutics and continues up to the 6th class with the state exam – part internal medicine. Based on our tradition, the main field of scientific interest of DG remains the cardiovascular medicine, e.g. DG is the principal investigator and coordinator in Slovak multicentric study on atrial fibrillation in seniors, granted by Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic at the moment. Another important field of scientific interest is polymorbidity.    



 Limbová 5, 833 05 Bratislava



Assoc. prof. Martin D Ú B R A V A, MD, PhD.

Phone: 5954 5268

e-mail: martin.dubravafmed.uniba.sk



Jarmila J á n o š i o v á, MD, PhD.



Mgr. Silvia K o č a n o v á

Phone: 5954 5232, Fax: 5954 6263

e-mail: silvia.kocanovafmed.uniba.sk



Oľga K u t t n e r o v á



Assoc. prof. Martin D ú b r a v a, MD, PhD.

Branch of Science Internal diseases



Jarmila J á n o š i o v á, MD, PhD. – ptj.

Silvia M a l i n o v s k á, MD- ML)

Ján Š u b a, MD

Jakub B o ř u c k ý, MD - ptj.



Daniela B a č k o v á

Information for students

Information for students