2nd Department of Surgery

About the Department

The II. Department of Surgery was established in Bratislava in 1980. Doc. MUDr. Ján Škultéty, CSc. is head of the department at the moment. At the beginning the department was seated in the Old Town Hospital in Bezručova street and in 1997 the department was moved to St. Cyril and Method Hospital in Antolská street in Petržalka.

The department has 48 beds as well as 4 intensive care beds at its disposal. The department hospitalizes aprox. 2500 patients annually, operates aprox. 1600 – 1800 patients annually and manages aprox. 5500 patients in its outpatients department per year.    

The average waiting time for operation is 1 to 2 weeks.

Patients have the possibility to choose a specific surgeon according to the UNB BA rules.

Main activities: 
1. Diagnostics-prevention,
2. Academical training,
3. Science-research.

The department manages pre-gradual and post-gradual training of the Faculty of Medicine students in Slovak as well as English language. The state examination of students is also carried out in the department.   

The department is involved in several research projects including international studies with other projects being planned at the moment.

The projects concentrate on acute pancreatitis, tumour diseases, vacuum sealing, thromboprophylaxis,septic complications, ileus etc.

Surgical procedures

Surgery of  the thyroidal gland and parathyroidal glands.

Surgery of  theesophagus in patients with tumors and achalasia.

Antireflux operations – fundoplication Nissen-Rosseti (open and laparoscopic)

Resections of the stomach including tumours.

Operations of the small and large intestine (open and laparoscopic).

Operations of the anus and rectum with benign diagnose ( fistules, fissura ani, Morgan Milligan procedure, Longo operation) and malignant diagnoses – rectal and anal cancer.

Complete spectrum of operations in cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

Splenic surgery: splenectomies open and laparoscopicly (mostly in hematologic diseases)

Surgery of the liver: open resections and laparocopic biopsy.

Surgery of the gallbladder and biliary tree: cholecystectomy, revisions of the biliary tree and biliodigestive anastomoses.

Surgery of the pancreas including duodenopancreatectomy.

Laparoscopic appendectomy and cholecystectomy.

Operations of the abdominal wall, hernia repair: laparoscopic and open

Operations of the varices of the lower extremities

VAC operations– vacuum assisted closure procedures, complicated wounds with comlications.

Operations of sinus pilonodalis and perianal abscesus.


Broad spectrum of surgical procedures in patients with acute abdomen.