Department of Hematology and transfusiology



transplantation center

- Internationally accredited clinical program including all types of transplants including unrelated transplants.

Slovak National Bone Marrow Donor Registry

- Is engaged in the search and recruitment of donors of stem cells

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- Essential for the early diagnosis and treatment 

- Develop comprehensive outpatient management


national hemophilia center

- Improving diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders

- Complex dispensary care for congenital coagulopathies

- Management of surgical procedures 

- Immune tolerance therapy

 - Updating of a national register of congenital coagulopathies 


Laboratory department

- Continuous and comprehensive development of laboratory quality systems

- Establishes and develops sophisticated diagnostic methods (immunophenotyping, tissue culture, immunogenetics, hemostaseology) with the application of morphological, immunohaematological, immunological, hemostaseology and oncohematologic diagnosis


apheresis UNIT

- Perform therapeutic apheresis and collection of peripheral blood stem cells.



- focused on processing and storage of stem cells


foundation activity

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Staff & contacts

Department of Hematology and Transfusion medicine

Antolská 11, 851 07 Bratislava, Slovakia, phone: +421268671111


Head of the department:  assoc. prof. Angelika Bátorová MD, PhD.

phone: +421-2-6867 3341, e-mail:


Vice Head of the department: assoc. prof. Martin Mistrík, MD, PhD.

 phone:+421-2-6867 3580, e-mail:


Secretary: Zuzana Sakalová Mgr.

fax/phone: +421-2-6353 3267, +421-2-6867 3579, e-mail:


Full professors:

Prof. Mikuláš Hrubiško, MD, PhD. 


Associate professors:

Assoc. prof. Angelika Bátorová, MD, PhD.

Assoc. prof. Martin Mistrík, MD, PhD.


Assistant professors:

MUDr. Miloš Nosáľ, PhD.

tel. č.: 02/57290 560, e-mail:

MUDr. Katarína Slezáková, PhD.

tel. č.: 02/6867 3588, e-mail:


PhD students:

MUDr. Lenka Masáková

tel.č.: 02/6867 2634, e-mail: 

MUDr. Ivona Bizíková

tel.č.: 02/6867 2634, e-mail: 

MUDr. Iveta Simančíková

tel.č.: 02/6867 2634, e-mail: