Department of Infectology and Geographical Medicine


Head of the Department

Assoc. prof. Peter Sabaka, MD, PhD.

tel.: +421 (02) 5954 4892, e-mail:


Secretary of the Department

Alžbeta Roščáková

tel.: +421 (02) 5954 2925, e-mail:


Vice-head of the Department

Assoc. prof. Igor Stankovič, MD, CSc.

tel.: +421 (02) 5954 2919, e-mail:


Lecturers and assistant lecturers

Matej Bendžala, MD, PhD., tel.: 0+421 (02) 5954 2919, e-mail:


Pavlína Bukovinová, MD, PhD., MPH, e-mail: - ptj.


Karol Laktiš, MD, CSc., tel.: 0+421 (02) 5954 2919, e-mail:


Mohammad M. O. Dababseh, MD, tel.: +421 (02) 5954 2914, e-mail:


Ján Jurenka, MD, tel.: +421 (02) 5954 2914,



Katarína Horáčková, tel.: +421 (02) 5954 2904,

History of the clinic

prof. Hrúzik
prof. Bálint

The Department of Infectology and Geographical Medicine, FM CU and University Hospital Bratislava originally emerged as the Department of Infectious Diseases, FM CU, in 1961, it was actually an infectology department under the 1st Department of Internal Medicine on Mickiewiczova Street. From the very beginnings of the department (Miloš Netoušek, Emanuel Filo and Ladislav Dérer, respectively) used to commission their disciplines to further advance the discipline of infectology. A group of such disciplines included later associate professors and professors as for instance Božena Kuklová-Štúrová, Ilja Paulíny-Tóth, Kazimír Kollár, Miloš Nosáľ and Mikuláš Ondrejička. After Professor Dérer had left, the 1st Department Internal Medicine was taken over by Prof. Ondrejička and Fellow Július Hrúzik, MD was appointed the head physician of the infectiology department who defended his habitation thesis in the Internal Medicine - Infectiology. In 1961, he was appointed the first head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, FM CU.

On a basis of the department, the Sub-department of Infectology under the Institute for Further Education of Doctors and Pharmacists was established inf 1967.Later, this unit was renamed to the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. In 1979, the relocated to the newly-built building within the Dérer´s Hospital with Policlinic premises in Kramáre. It also assumed a temporary name of the Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. After Prof. Hrúzik had retired in 1990, Assoc. prof. Ondrej Bálint was appointed the head of the department (professor since 1990). When professor Bálint retired in 2004, (later) Assoc. prof. Igor Stankovič became the head of the department and has remained on the position ever since. Department´s pedagogical activities include theoretical and practical education in the subject of Infectology for both General Medicine and Dentistry programmes in Slovak and English. 

The Specialization of the Work Place

Infectious diseases of all ages, including imported infections (eg. Malaria), infections in immunocompromised patients, conditions requiring multidisciplinary solution (brain abscess, spinal epidural abscesses, fever of unknown origin). Special neuroinfections, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, fever of unknown origin, Lyme disease, high virulent infections (SARS, haemorrhagic fevers ...)

Unique Methods

  • qualitative cytology of cerebrospinal fluid using the cytocentrifuge (result is available after 1 hour)
  • microscopic diagnosis of malaria, serologic diagnosis of malaria by bed-side test
  • fecal microbial transplantation

Currative and Prevention Section

Currative and Prevention Section

Diploma work

Apostolos AgiannidisMUDr. Matej Bendžala, PhD.Analysis of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients of HIV Outpatient Clinic
Theresa SattlerMUDr. Matej Bendžala, PhD.Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
Stanislav Šutovskýdoc. MUDr. Peter Sabaka, PhD.Ramsay-Huntov syndróm (Herpes zoster oticus)
Ing. Peter Končaldoc. MUDr. Peter Sabaka, PhD.Nemocničné infekcie u pacientov s Covid-19
Anna Nagyovádoc. MUDr. Peter Sabaka, PhD.Biochemické prognostické faktory Covid-19

PhD students

  • MUDr. Dababseh Mohammad
  • MUDr. Ján Jurenka
  • MUDr. Mária Kachlíková
  • MUDr. Eliška Marešová
  • MUDr. Peter Mihalov

Grant projects

  • PP-COVID-20-0017, Research on the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and the development of clinically tested virological tests to manage the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementation years 2020-2021. Investigators: Boris Klempa RNDr. Drsc. (Slovak Academy of Sciences - Institute of Virology, prof. RNDr. Silvia Pastoreková DrSc. (Slovak Academy of Sciences - Biomedical Serearch Center), assoc. prof. Peter Sabaka, MD, PhD. (Department of Infectology and Geographical Medicine Faculty of Medicine Comenius University in Bratislava)
  • MH SR, 2019/34-PJŠUK-6, Effectiveness factors of fecal transplantation in colitis caused by Clostridioides difficile, years of implementation: 2019-2021. Investigators: assoc. prof. Pavol Jarčuška, MD,  PhD., Martin Novotný, MD, PhD., assoc. prof. Ivan Schreter, MD CSc. (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice), assoc. prof. Peter Sabaka, MD, PhD. (Clinic of Infectology and Geographical Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Comenius University Bratislava)

Planned professional activities

16th All-Slovak Infectology Conference in Nitra

The Slovak Society of Infectious Diseases SLS, under the professional guarantee of the Nitra Faculty Hospital and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health at UKF in Nitra, invite you to the 16th All-Slovak Infectology Conference in Nitra with the theme

∙ cases
∙ various
Date of proceedings: 13.10. – 14.10.2023
Venue: Nitra, Hotel Mikado 




Professional clinical seminars KIGM LF UK, SZU and UNB

Seminars are held every Tuesday during the semester of the academic year in the clinic meeting room on the 4th floor of the clinic.

Start of seminars: 1:00 p.m.