Department of Paediatric Psychiatry


Department of Paediatric Psychiatry (Klinika detskej psychiatrie - KDP) of the National Institute of Children’s Diseasesis the only autonomous psychiatric health department and clinic for children in the Slovak Republic.  As a workplace it is in partnership with pediatric psychiatric health centers around the world.


KDP provides complete diagnostics and treatment of various psychic disorders for children and adolescent patients. KDP specializes on a wide array of problems including but not limited to: the treatment of psychotic disorders, borderline conditions, reactive conditions and adaptation disorders, and behavioral disorders.

KDP also provides diagnostics and treatment of hyperkinetic disorders and mental retardations complicated by secondary behavioral disorders that require psychiatric hospitalization. KDP also deals with pervasive developmental disorders, neurological diseases and somatic illnesses with psychiatric complications. KDP is engaged in patient assessment and is also involved in postgraduate education and research.


The age-range of patients is between pre-school and 18 years and older depending on the level of personal maturity. The clinic has 20 beds and is divided into two parts. 14 beds are for school aged children and adolescent patients.  6 beds serve pre-school aged patients and have the capacity for parents to stay with the child.


KDP provides complex treatment for patients. Pharmacotherapy is accompanied by group and individual psychotherapy, regime therapy, and family therapy. Patients are admitted based on recommendation of a physician (pediatric psychiatrist, local doctor), upon the consent of a parent (legal guardian), or as a result of acute condition.

Educational activity

KDP houses educational opportunities for undergraduate students of Comenius University Faculty of Medicine.  3rd year medical students study medical psychology at KDP while 4th and 5th year medical students study children’s psychiatry.  In addition, “Psychiatry of Children and Adolescents” (Reader: Assoc. prof. I. Škodáček, MD, PhD.) is offered as an obligatory elective. Undergraduate education is conducted in English for international students.

KDP also carries out continuous postgraduate education of doctors in the specialization of children’s and adolescent psychiatry.

Scientific activity, research, and publication

Research tasks/projects of the KDP study disorders of psychic functions from the developmental perspective. Basic research (using display techniques) is carried out, along with psychological methods, clinical research (attention disorders with hyperactivity, psychotic disorders; observation of the effects of the newest psychopharmaceuticals following approval of ethics commission), and research of socially pathological and psychopathological phenomena (addictions, syndrome of tortured, battered, and abused child) including ethical and legislative concerns.