Department of Paediatric Surgery

Limbová 1

833 40 Bratislava


Department of Pediatric Surgery deals with diagnostics and surgery of whole spectrum of congenital malformations. Latter is the distinction from general surgery of adulthood with its subspecialisations. Pediatric Surgery  manage the surgical treatment of acquired diseases in period 0-18 years of age, as well. Traumatology of pediatric patient is a huge part of pediatric surgery with typical characteristics and variations. The above mentioned postulates that pediatric surgery can be established just in hospitals with necessary framework and infrastructure connected with pediatric anaesthetics and intensive care.

Educational activities:

Pregradual education: Department of Pediatric Surgery coordinates practices and lectures for medical students from 3rd to 6th year of university study according to Faculty of Medicine of Commenius University requirements, curricula and regulations. Compulsory elective course od pediatric surgery is set for students of 4th and 5th year of medical study.

Postgradual education: Department of Pediatric Surgery performs postgradual study of internal and external PhD students.

Specialization program: Department of Pediatric Surgery provides theoretical and practical teaching of trainees during resident program and background for pediatric surgery specialty.

Organisation  of congresses, venues and seminars is inevitable part of standard activities.

Medical – preventive activity: 

Department of Pediatric Surgery performs specialised diagnostics, treatment and interventions in patients. Modern procedures are implented into diagnostics and surgical approaches.  Close cooperation with other deparments in University Children Hospital  is a basement for the complex pediatric care. Collaboration with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit enables further cure and monitoring of the newborns. Prenatal counseling and cooperation with gynecologists is another specification of pediatric surgery in antenatally diagnosed congenital malformations leading to the correct management of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal tactics. Indication and determination of the surgical procedures is within the competence of Department of Pediatric Surgery.


Scientific and research activities: 

Membership in European and international organisations is currently prerequisite for the progress of pediatric surgery and the basis for cooperation in solving complicated cases, participation in such societes enables also possibility for fetal surgery in indicated cases. Department of Pediatric Surgery is a part of EUPSA (European Paediatric Surgeon´s Association,, ESPES (European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons, , ESPN (European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, SSDCHTE (Slovenská spoločnosť detskej chirurgie, traumatológie a endoskopickej chirurgie).

Department of Pediatric Surgery participates on researchs project, scientific work in the field of pediatric care. Publications and lectures, participations in professional committees providing establishment and specifications of individual surgical procedures of pediatric surgery are part of everyday practice.