The syllabus and guidelines for students

Syllabus for foreign students

Clinical rotation for 5th grade medical students of Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava at Pediatric otorhinolaryngologic clinic of MFCU and NICD

Clinical rotation at the Pediatric ENT clinic, lasts 2 days (daily 08:30 – 13:30 hrs) and are comprised of clinical seminar, patient demonstration, operating room, and demonstration of diagnostic tests (EFS, LFS, AABR, ASSR, VRA, TEOAE, tympanometry, audiometry).

Curriculum of seminars and practical training comprises:

Day 1

-         Adenoid vegetations

-         Chronic tonsillitis

-         Differential diagnosis of tonsillitis and its complications

-         Indications of adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy/tonsillotomy

-         Tubotympanic catarrh

-         Acute and chronic middle ear otitis

            Day 2

-         Objective and subjective hearring tests

-         Acute ENT conditions in children

-         Endoscopy

-         Sinusitis and its complications

-         Foreign bodies

-         Laryngomalacia (Stridor laryngis congenitalis)

Students are obligated to actively attend both days of rotation at the clinic. Delay of up to 10 minutes is allowed during morning sessions. Students tardy for more than 10 minutes, will nit be allowd to participate in the sessions and will therefore be considered as absent.

Students are  also obligated to present at the clinic dress in white scrubs, hospital shoes, without jewellery or other neckwear, as part of the rotation takes place in the operating theater and the clinic/doctor’s office. It is also forbidden to disrupt medical praxis by making noise in the clinic, doctor’s office or the operating theater. Students who do not fullfill the above mentioned criteria will not be admitted/ be disqualified from the daily teatching activies.