Department of Radiology

About us

Radiology clinics offers broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutical radiology procedures, including all Xray methods (plain films, interventional radiology), ultrasound, CT and MR.

Clinics was esthablished 1. 12. 2012, by fusion of I. radiodiagnostic clinic of Medical Faculty and University Hospital Old Town, University Hospital Sv Cyril and Metod, Radiology department of University Hospital Ružinov and Radiodiagnostic department  of University Hospital akad. L. Dérer and SZU and finally with radiogiagnostic Clinics ŠGN Podunajské Biskupice.

Radiology Clinics is teaching fundament od Medical Faculty of Commenius University and Slovak Health University. It provides conditions for praegradual education for slovak and forein mediacal students, postgradual education for doctors and practical teachings for radiology assisstants.

Possibillites of radiology examinations


• Complete radiology examinations

• Ultrasonographic examinations – broad spectrum of examinations of all body, doppler examination of arterial and venous systema of upper, lower extremities, doppler examinations of renal arteries, portal system, carotic and vertebral arteries.

• CT – Computed Tomography – all types of diagnostic and inteventional methods, CT angiography

• Angiography – peripheral angiography, abdominal, thoracis and brain angiography

• Biopsies under USG, CT control for cytological examinations, histology or cultivation in regions of thorax, abdomen, retropertoneum, pelvis, mammary gland, musculosceletal system, neck and soft tissues, etc.

• Hepatobiliary diagnostics - PTC (percutaneus transhepatal cholangiography)

• Mammographic examinations – complet  diagnostic a interventional procedures


Head of department:

MUDr Vladimír Javorka, PhD.
Tel. 02/57290 111

Assisstent secretary:

Assoc. Prof. Jana Poláková Mištinová, M.D., PhD.
Tel. 02/57290 111


Marianna Martincová
Tel. 02/57290412


Other employes:

MUDr. Andrea Baisová  
MUDr. Rudolf Kadlečík, CSc.
MUDr. Miroslav Malík, MHA
MUDr. Magdalená Mižíčková



Information for students

Information for students