Academic Research Centre for Autism


Academic Research Centre for Autism was established at the Institute of Physiology on October 22nd, 2013.



ARCA aimed to integrate research activity focused on autism spectrum disorders in Slovakia to one net of cooperative research sites, which will implement diagnostic and therapeutic protocols according to evidence based medicine and coordinate interactions with patients, their families and relevant institutions.



In 5 years ARCA will be well distinguished institution in the community of families, as well as professionals dealing with ASD in Slovakia and abroad. ARCA will represent single contact point for patients and their families in getting complex care including actual diagnosis of disorder and also behavioral and pharmacological interventions. At the same time ARCA will be partner for international research projects focused on searching for etiopathogenisis of autism and possible clinical interventions.



Inter-professional complex approach to autistic patients and their families from single „central contact point“- ARCA at Medical faculty, Comenius University. ARCA will provide contacts to specialised clinical sites, special educational and social institutions.  ARCA will be center for inter-professional research projects, will provide communications and initiation research partnerships with researchers at Comenius University and University hospitals, Slovak Academy of Science and other universities in Slovakia and abroad.

Clinical service- evaluation and diagnosis, medical management (physicians, clinical psychologists, special teacher, pharmacologist)

Education- professional lectures for partner institutions, education of students of second and third level of education, consulting and trainings of parents, behavioral intervention, speech consultation, contacts to communities (psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, special teachers, social workers)

Research– inter-professional research of etiopathological mechanisms of autism in local and international grants with direct implications on clinical care and pharmacological interventions (neurologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, histologists, molecular biologists, geneticist, immunologists, gastroenterologists, psychologists, pharmacologists/pharmacists).


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