Introduction to Healthcare Management

Compulsory optional subject Introduction to Healthcare Management is running in winter semester for the students of 4th and 5th year of study of General Medicine. Form of teaching: 12 two hours seminars.

Course Syllabus

The aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge and skills from healthcare management and thus enhance the professional competencies of future medical doctors.

After successful completion of the course student will be able to :

  • Apply systemic, professional and creative approach to identify and address the problems and challenges in health care facilities.
  • Understand the importance and functions of management and explain the basic managerial terms and processes.
  • Discuss the role of the management in healthcare.
  • Work effectively in team and apply principles of successful leadership. 
  • Understand the role of organizational and human resource management in the healthcare.
  • Analyze the external and internal environment of health care organization.
  • Understand the principles of health financing and basics of healthcare financial management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of strategic planning and decision making in healthcare organizations.
  • Understand the core concepts and measurement tools of quality and safety in health care.
  • Describe the new approaches and strategies for process improvement and problem  solving in healthcare.         


Management – basic terminology, functions, history.  Healthcare management. External environment and internal environment of healthcare organizations. Financing health care. Health systems: structure and typology. Healthcare organizations: characteristics, types, forms.  Organizational structure. Organizational culture (typology). Mobbing and discrimination at workplace and its prevention. Strategic management and planning. Mission, goals and tasks of organization. SWOT analysis. Functions, roles and skills of manager. Managerial processes. Leadership. Management styles. Work groups, team work. Managerial communication. Human resource management. Assessment and motivation of employees in health care organization. Financing management in health care organization. Patient safety and risk management in health care organizations. Quality management in health care. Lean management in healthcare (Lean Six Sigma ). New trends and challenges in healthcare management.

Study materials

Robbins P., Coulter M. Management. 11th ed.  New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.,  2012

Walshe K., Smith, J. Healthcare Management. Open University Press, 2006. You can download the book HERE

WHO European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Health systems reviews (HiT series).

Macchi L., Pietikäinen E., Reiman T., Heikkilä J., Ruuhilehto K.Patient safety management. Available models and systems. VTT Working Papers 169. May 2011.ISBN 978-951-38-7510-7

Suneja, A., Suneja, C.  Lean Doctors Workbook : An Application Guide for Transforming Outpatient Clinic Systems with Lean. ASQ Quality Press. December 2010. ISBN 9780873898133

Contacts on teachers

Mgr. Silvia Capíková, PhD.

MUDr. Michaela Kostičová, PhD., MPH

Ing. Magdaléna Veselská, PhD., Dip Mgmt

doc. Ing. Milan Fekete, PhD.