Medical Ethics

Summer Semester 2023/2024 - Medical Ethics 1st year GM and 2nd year D

Course Syllabus: 

1st class GM




Medical Ethics, General Medicine, 1st year: (lectures 12 hours, seminars 24 hours)

Medical Ethics, Dentistry, 2nd year: (lectures 12 hours, seminars 18 hours)

After successful completion of the course students will be able to:

    • Discuss articles from professional journals and participate in a dialogue;
    • Think critically;
    • Identify ethical complexities of medical decision-making;
    • Perceive ethical problems in medical practice;
    • Formulate informed opinions and build logical conclusions;
    • Navigate basic terminology and issues in medical ethics in order to further research a well-formulated position;
    • Apply principles of national and international declarations, ethical codes and conventions in the medical practice;
    • Recognize and respect human rights;
    • Protect human dignity and value of human life through all stages of human ontogenesis.