Department of simulation and virtual medical education

Center of simulation and virtual medical education at Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava, was officially established on 1.9.2013. The primary reason for establishing the Center was to modernize and improve the quality of medical education at the faculty by means of modern methods. Moreover, in the Center students can gain practical experiences in the medical situations as still more and more patients refuse to be treated by the students of the faculty and the students might lack elementary communication habits with the patient.


Center is financed by the faculty, recently the following simulators are implemented in the education process:

2 adult patient simulators - iStan and HAL 3101  

1 pediatric patient simulator (with the physiology of the child at the age of 5 - 9 years) - HAL 3005  

1 newborn child simulator (with the physiology of the newborn baby up to the age of 1 year) - HAL 3010  


In 2014, massive reconstruction of the former Department of Forensic Medicine was carried out. Center moved to the reconstructed building on 1.10.2014 and education started in the middle of October 2014. During reconstruction, detached workplaces were created at Institute of Social Medicine and Medical Ethics LFUK, at Department of Paediatrics  Center of medical simulation and at Neonatal intensive care unit LFUK. 

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Dear students, we have a quest for you!

Dear students, 

 we would like to ask you for complete the questionnaire about simulation education. The questionnaire you can find here.

Thank you very much.