The Media

You can find reportage about our department in archive of TV Markíza

17th March 2020. How our students train their knowledges on our simulators? You can watch it in archive of TV Markiza from 11:10 time. Click HERE

Victoria delivery the baby! Look at the training of our students.

You can find video about our department on the web page Pravda tv. We are really happy :)

She can scream, talk and deliver a baby

Another Slovak press is talking about. Watch the video about our VICTORIA.

VICTORIA in the press

We are getting more and more famous. Please set the time on video to 29:20.

The unique VICTORIA teachs the students how to deliver a baby

One more time about our VICTORIA's help during the lessons.

Students of Medicine in Bratislava have unique birth simulator

Let's read what the students of 5th grade do during the lesson.

Students of LF UK are learning on special birth simulator

Read about our special VICTORIA.

Baby in the press

Faculty of medicine has turned to Hollywood. Two slovak TVs were yesterday presented at the class of Neonatology (5th year). Watch the report from the clinic. And show it to your parents how great you are.

Students of LF UK are learning on special birth simulator

Only the second simulator in Europe. Let´s read about it here.

VICTORIA in news

From the list select "Porodny simulator" (at the bottom). It is in slovak but they talk about our Victoria and her big potential in the education. Check it out.

Surgery of baby´s hearth

Read about it here.