Publication Activities

Database of Publication Activities of Comenius University (EviPub) staff - bibliographic registration is created in the integrated library - information system Virtua/VTLS (Virginia tech Library System).

Database provides all information on scientific, educational and popular publications of research and pedagogical activities at Comenius University.
The Database search interface allows worldwide public access and provides an overview of publications to which University staff have contributed as authors or co-authors.

Database also provides the possibility of cross search on publications, faculty, department or faculty staff.

The database can be used for different purposes, for instance:

  • to identify expertise within a specific subject area to find partners or get useful contacts
  • to get valuable background information for setting up priorities in policy planning
  • to get an overview of the research activities of a specific institute or a research group to identify publications within a subject, by a person, or by an institute


From 1 April 2018, the Academic Library is registered the publications of academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine CU in Central Register of Publication of Activity (CREPC2).

The records are exported daily from CREPC2 to the EviPub university database.