Comenius University has nine new professors

On 18 May 2017, the President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska, appointed 30 new university professors to their positions. Nine of them work at Comenius University in Bratislava.

18. 05. 2017 14.27 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

In his ceremonial address, the Slovak president emphasized that quality education determines what values will hold our society together – what rules and norms of behaviour are considered to be just, how we enforce adherence to them, and what goals we can agree on as a country. “In all of this I see your role as being irreplaceable. It depends on you personally as to what will be taught at our universities and in what way, and what the level of the quality of the scientific and research outputs from our universities will be,” said the president to the newly appointed professors.

“Science in Slovakia, including at university level, is falling behind that of other developed countries. Yet in low quality and predator journals Slovakia has the second highest share among OECD countries. I think that it is the common duty of all those responsible to take essential measures against these practices. They are damaging us now and are very dangerous for our future. And this is why I would like to ask you to highlight such cases, so that they do not become a rule or model of behaviour for future generations of Slovak students and scientists. And this is also why I am interested in finding out how the ministry of education will respond to comments on the ‘Learning Slovakia’ National Training and Education Programme and proposals to change legislation and deliver to our universities more money and quality. I am convinced that we have to take a stronger stand against the tolerance of low quality and the financing of poor results from public funds at Slovak universities,” the president added.
The newly appointed professors at Comenius University are:
Prof. RNDr. Roman Aubrecht, Dr. (CU Faculty of Natural Sciences), geology
Prof. MUDr. Angelika Bátorová, CSc. (CU Faculty of Medicine), internal diseases
Prof. PhDr. Katarína Bednárová, CSc. (CU Faculty of Arts), translation and interpreting
Prof. MUDr. Ingrid Brucknerová, PhD. (CU Faculty of Medicine), paediatrics
Prof. PharmDr. Josef Jampílek, PhD. (CU Faculty of Pharmacy), pharmaceutical chemistry
Prof. Mgr. Martin Kanovský, PhD. (CU Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences), social anthropology
Prof. PharmDr. Ján Klimas, PhD., MPH. (CU Faculty of Pharmacy), pharmacology
Prof. MUDr. Michal Mego, DrSc. (CU Faculty of Medicine), oncology
Prof. JUDr. Marek Števček, PhD. (CU Faculty of Law), civil law
The complete list of newly appointed professors can be found at