Blended Intensive Programmes

General information

BIP is a type of Erasmus+ mobility that consists of two parts:

  • a virtual part (its length can vary from 1 hour to 1 semester; it depends on the conditions set by the host institution)
  • an attendance (face-to-face) part (its length is usually 5 days)


IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to successfully obtain credits, it is necessary to complete both parts, while the face-to-face part cannot be completed online.

For successful completion of BIP, a student can receive at least 3 ETCS. The recognition of credits for successful completion of BIP must be consulted IN ADVANCE at the Department of International Relations.

How should I proceed if I am interested in BIP?

  • to become familiar with the basic data of my chosen BIP (especially the field of study)
  • make a registration at the BIP organizer
  • after my successful acceptance, I contact Department of International Relations  
  • follow all the instructions that you will receive either from the BIP organizer (as the receiving institution) or the Comenius University (as the sending institution).