Practical teaching at the institutes and clinics of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava - rules!!!


17. 09. 2021 17.54 hod.

To keep full-time tuition in-person as long as possible, the Management of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava adopted a rational modification of the rules.

Practical teaching at the institutes and departments of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University is carried out according to the following rules: 

Students and employees must have covered the upper airways with a face mask or respirator (since the red colour of the district according to Covid automat a respirator is obligatory). They keep the distance minimum of 2 meters and hand disinfection. The conditions minimalizing the risk of Covid-19 infection transfer at tuition are provided by the workplace and teachers who check compliance with these rules.

  1. Fully vaccinated students and students with past Covid -19 disease history in the last 180 days are not tested and can attend full-time tuition.
  2. Unvaccinated students or students who are not fully vaccinated must provide a negative result of the Covid-19 test before starting practical full-time tuition not older than 72 hours.
  3. Unvaccinated students who come into close contact with a Covid-19 positive person (within 2 days before the positive test) must undergo test via and must go to quarantine, which they may end with a negative Covid-19 test, performed no earlier than the 5th day after the last contact with a positive person. Close contact is direct physical contact at a distance of fewer than 2 meters without covering the upper airways.
  4. Fully vaccinated students who were in close contact with Covid-19 positive person do not go to quarantine. They continue in-person tuition.
  5. Students with clinical signs of Covid -19 must provide a negative Covid-19 test result before starting practical full-time teaching that is not older than 72 hours.
  6. A student who has a positive Covid-19 test informs all his close contacts about this fact without delay, remains in quarantine and reports this fact at the workplace where he was taught at that time. The student will also report it to covid and Quarantine lasts 10 days if clinical symptoms persist.

In case of inability to prove the fulfilment of at least one of the conditions of OTP, the student cannot participate in in-person tuition and is absent. The head of the institute/clinic decides on the method of compensation for absence.

According to the UVZSR decree, the student’s absence will be excused in case of obligatory quarantine.  The head of the institute/department decides on the method of compensation for tuition.

Employees of the institutes and departments are obliged to check the OTP compliance before beginning in-person tuition.

Not vaccinated employees of the institutes/departments are strongly recommended to undergo the test for Covid-19 (Ag, RT-PCR test).


Each student and employee arrange the RT-PCR/Ag test himself and at his own expense.

Overcoming Covid-19 disease, a student must confirm with the positive Covid-19 test.

Definition of fully vaccinated person:

  • at least 14 days and a maximum of 12 months after the second dose of the two-dose vaccine
  • at least 14 days and a maximum of 12 months after a dose of a single dose of vaccine
  • not less than 14 days and not more than 12 months after the first dose of a two-dose vaccine if given within 180 days since being infected by Covid-19