The event takes place on 21 September 2023 (Thursday) in the afternoon. Registration via online applications until 7 July 2023.

24. 03. 2023 08.58 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Five successful years later, the unique Falling Walls Lab event returns to Slovakia, offering an inspiring and interdisciplinary format that provides space for the presentation of new results, ideas, research projects and business models in a wide range of scientific and creative disciplines and areas.

This major event will take place on 21 September, 2023 on location in Bratislava. At the finale, entrants chosen by a jury will have a chance to present their projects. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and must fulfil the following formal requirements:

  • received a Bachelor’s degree no more than 10 years ago,
  • received a Master’s degree no more than 7 years ago,
  • received a PhD no more than 5 years ago,
  • are currently enrolled in university.

Registration closes on: 7 July, 2023 via the online application.

Applications must be in English and must include the following:

  1. the title "Breaking the wall of...",
  2. the issue that one is solving (max. 200 characters),
  3. the solution to the issue (max. 200 characters),
  4. the project or method through which the solution shall be achieved (max. 200 characters).

Example of a brief entry description (courtesy of FWLS 2023 winner Bo Peng):

  1. Breaking the Wall of Quantum Computation
  2. Quantum computer requires robust quantum states, but these states are extremely fragile and hard to find. In the past two years, the Nature journal has retracted two papers from a Microsoft-led team.
  3. My research addresses this challenge by finding alternative quasiparticles with robust quantum states using computer simulations. I propose atomic vibrations (phonons) can perform quantum operations.
  4. My project is divided into three parts: 1. Do these quantum states exist in phonons; 2. Can we control these quantum states in phonons; 3. Can we perform quantum operations based on phonons.

The finalists present their projects in English and have 3 minutes for their presentation. The winner of the national event advances to the world finale, which will be held on 8 November, 2023 in Berlin.