update from 25 NOV 2021

29. 11. 2021 08.19 hod.

1. The way of teaching stays without changes.  Theoretical teaching at the departments will take place on-line. Practical training continues to take place in person, except for those workplaces where, due to the current epidemic situation, the head of the workplace/subject guarantor decides otherwise (on-line or hybrid teaching).

According to the order of the Rector of Comenius University no. 17/2021 of 25 Nov 2021, will be a continuation of full-time practical training for medical departments permitted by the decision of the Rector of Comenius University at the request of the Dean of the Faculty.  We have already submitted this request.

2. If longer PowerPoint presentations are part of the practical training, it is necessary to present them on-line.  Students' hospital stays need to take advantage of their direct contact with patients.

3. The management of LF UK was repeatedly warned about non-compliance with the OTP regime at departments. Therefore, we strongly ask you to OTP check each student before the start of full-time teaching.  At the same time, I ask you to follow all anti-epidemic measures during teaching (maximum number of people in the room, use of PPE).  Failure to comply with these principles will be considered a breach of work discipline.

4. To enable the necessary contact of 6th-year students with patients, the Management of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University decided to allow final year students in COVID-19 departments in strict compliance with hygiene principles, including the use of prescribed PPE.  Such assistance will be recognized as practical training in the subject of the field.

5. In the upcoming days, the decree of the Public Health Office (PHO) of the Slovak Republic will be published, based on which entry will be allowed only to persons who can prove any of the following certificates:

- on vaccination against Covid-19,
- overcoming Covid-19,
- negative PCR / Ag test,
- possibly by performing a test/self-test directly at the employer.

We will inform you about the PHO SR decree and testing conditions immediately after its publication.