Bratislava, 30 January 2023: The term of office of the current leadership of Comenius University Bratislava expires tomorrow. From 1 February, the incumbent Rector Marek Števček, who was re-elected by the members of the Academic Senate on 18 May 2022, will continue serving his second term. Today, the rector handed the appointment decrees to vice-rectors, who will assume their posts from 1 February. He also appointed the deans of faculties, whose terms of office begin on 1 February, or later.

01. 02. 2023 09.16 hod.
By: CU External Relations Office

Jana Duračinská was appointed as Vice-Rector for Property Management and Investment, Jozef Masarik as Vice-Rector for Science and Doctoral Studies, Radomír Masaryk as Vice-Rector for External Relations, Viera Štvrtinová as Vice-Rector for Quality and Development Jozef Tancer as Vice-Rector for International Relations. These five will continue serving their second terms. Eva Viglašová was appointed by the rector to the position of Vice-rector for Education and Social Affairs.

„The four-year term of office which is ending today, began with the celebration of the university’s centenary, but then came the pandemic, which was followed by a struggle to preserve academic self-government, the war in Ukraine and a rapid increase of energy prices. Despite all this, we managed to achieve a number of successes – the number of students who are interested in studying at the university has been increasing since 2019, we launched the renovations of dormitories that were decades in the making, and the VER ranking showed that our university hosts world-class research,“ said the Rector Števček. „I hope that in our second four-year term we will be able to address additional priorities – focusing on increasing the intensity of the renovations, on digitising our processes and strengthening the international dimension, particularly as part of our European alliance, ENLIGHT.“

Comenius University consists of thirteen faculties. After 1 February, current deans will stay for another term of office at four of them. Eduard Burda continues to lead the Faculty of Law, Peter Fedor continues as the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Andrea Čalkovská stays at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin and Daniel Ševčovič remains for another term as dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. The Faculty of Medicine will have a new dean, Juraj Payer, and so will the Faculty of Education whose new dean is Katarína Žilková. Peter Štarchoň becomes the new dean of the Faculty of Management from 1 March.

The Faculty of Arts will be electing its new dean on 20 February. Two faculties have not made use of the transitional provision of the new law, and will only be able to hold their elections once amended regulations reflecting the changes in the Higher Education Act are in place. Until that time, the rector appointed Viktor Bielik as acting dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and Lucia Mokrá as acting dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. The rector and the deans will officially assume their posts at an appointment ceremony which takes place on 8 March in the CU Auditorium.