examination form during distance learning

17. 04. 2020 11.39 hod.
  • The examinations will be performed in the MS Teams system. We recommend downloading and installing the application MS Teams in advance to your device. ( We also recommend that students watch a short instruction video on how to log in and how to work in the environment of MS Teams -

  • All students of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University (FM CU) must log in with their university email addresses in the form of (your surname and number, e.g., which presents a unique university login.
  • We kindly ask all students to verify the functionality of their university email address.

  • We recommend to students to use for the examination a desktop computer or notebook. A mobile phone is not suitable. In case of the desktop computer, other accessories are needed - a web camera and headphones with a microphone.

  • Your examiner will determine the beginning of the exam. The students will be gradually invited for examination in the given time (1, 2 or 3 students will be examined at the same time, according to the instructions of the institute or department).
  • The day before the examination students will obtain via email the information about the time (hour) when the student must be prepared that the examiner will invite him/her in MS Teams for online meeting.
  • We recommend to students to be online at disposal for a longer time on the day of the examination.

  • The examiner will connect the student with typing his/her university login in MS Teams and invite the student for the online meeting.

  • After login, the students are obliged to have the camera and microphone switched on through the whole time of examination. The sharp not blurred background must be chosen for the camera.

  • After the connection, the student will prove his/her identity with his/her ISIC card shown to the camera.

  • The drawing of the question will be done so that the student will say a number and the examiner will read him/her the question.
  • The numbering of the questions will be updated daily and is different from that one published on the website in the list of questions for the examination.
  • Or possibly the random number generator will be used, and the questions will be chosen randomly.
  • The numbers of the questions which other students already chose will be put aside from the list. The student will be informed that that question was previously used, and he/she must choose another one.

  • The students will have for the preparation of the answer skeleton just 5 minutes, after which they start answering. The examiner will take into consideration the shortened time for preparation and will guide the answer of the student with targeted questions.

  • The students can alter at answering; the examiner will determine it.

  • After finishing the answer, the examiner will inform the student about the results of the examination (evaluation)