Students 1 – 6 class coming to Slovakia from risk countries – important update

Important info!!!

21. 08. 2020 13.46 hod.

Dear students,
Considering the situation related to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, all students coming from high-risk countries must arrive in Slovakia on September 1, 2020 and according to the order of the Chief Hygiene Officer of the Slovak Republic all must register for an RT-PCR test on the website:

You are required to have the test (swab from nose and throat) and show the negative result upon the registration for the academic year.

Please visit the page daily and in case your home country (or the country where you are at the moment) is on the list of risky countries, it is necessary for you to immediately come to Slovakia, register on the page

Either complete the Slovak version of the form (formulár) under the heading:

Or go to the English version by switching to the English version of the website at the top right option:

Or go directly to the link:

Once in the English version of the website, complete the form at „Register here“ under this heading:

From 1.9.2020 following countries will be added to the list of risky countries: Belgium, France, Croatia, Netherlands, Malta, Spain. Travelling to the Slovak Republic from a risky country? You must register. Register here

Please complete the form correctly. Enter your Slovak birth identification number or BIFO, if you have it, or Identification number assigned by another country (e.g.,your passport number or your home country ID number)

Make sure to write your correct phone number in the form, as you will receive the notification of the registration and later also notification about the date, time and place of the RT-PCR test on that phone number.

Please write in the comment the following: "I am a student of the Faculty of Medicine, CU in Bratislava", so we can track your registration and enable your testing for the new coronavirus.

Once you are done with the registration, you will get an SMS.

Please write us your identification number that you entered in the beginning of the form to the email address:

This will help us to track your registration and sign you up for the test.

The regional Public Health Authority will assign the date, time and place of your RT-PCR test for you and you will be notified by an SMS on your phone number. Please make sure to go to have the swab done at the assigned date and time. You will get the result of the test by an SMS.

If you have any questions please email to:

Board of the Dean, FM CU