Information for international students coming to the university dormitories from abroad

14. 03. 2020 11.25 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

Those international students who entered Slovakia at or after 7 AM on 13 March 2020 and who wish return to Comenius University's dormitories will not be able to do so without restrictions. If they are carrying the virus, it may spread among other residents. For this reason, these students must inform the dormitory director of their travel history by filling in a questionnaire which was sent to the university email addresses of all residents before entering the dormitory. Please fill it in immediately. These students will be accommodated in an isolated area of the dormitory and will have to submit to quarantine measures which will be provided by the dormitory management in cooperation with the Regional Office of Public Health of the Slovak Republic.

Those who fail to comply with this requirement may face a fine of 1659 euros.

International students who have not been abroad and who have been living at the dormitories over the past few weeks are encouraged to continue to avoid meeting with larger groups of people. Violating the voluntary quarantine, for example, by taking a trip somewhere, increases the risk of infection and the possibility that they will become carriers of the virus. Under no circumstances should you travel abroad.

For current information and guidelines, please visit and regularly check your e-mail.