RESOLUTION of the Board of the Dean FMCU of 7 March 2020

prevention of spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 infection

08. 03. 2020 13.14 hod.


After thorough consideration of all available information, the Board of the Dean decided for following steps and measures focused on prevention of spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 infection:

  • The tuition at Faculty of Medicine, CU in Bratislava will restart on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 at 7:30, in case Comenius University does not adopt even stricter measures.
  • The tuition will be restricted and modified. At hospital departments, teaching will be provided without direct contact of students (General Medicine and Dentistry in Slovak and English language) with patients - i.e. the teaching will be organized in a form of seminars and just on those premises of departments (clinics) where there is no danger of direct contact of students with patients. The teaching will be provided also on the premises of the Theoretical Institutes of FM CU (auditories) or possibly in auditories of hospitals (this option needs a further verification with the authorities of hospitals).
  • Teaching at the Department of Infectology and Geographical medicine is canceled. Teaching will be provided only outside of the building of this department, in compensatory time given later by the Head of the Department of Infectology and Geographical Medicine.
  • The students of the study programme General Medicine from Iran who in recent days visited Hungary or Iran will stay in a home quarantine (at their temporary address in Bratislava) for 14 days since their last return to Slovakia and are strictly asked not to meet with schoolmates during their quarantine and not to travel out of Slovakia in the following months.
  • All students of the study programme Dentistry will stay at home till 20 March 2020 in the quarantine (at their temporary address in Bratislava) and are strictly asked not to meet with their schoolmates and not to travel out of Slovakia.
  • The lectures will be organized in a non-contact form (self-study). The teachers will send in advance their lecture in an electronic form to the Study Department and the staff of the Study Department will re-send the lectures to the students. Possibly, the lecturers can place their lectures on the website of their workplace. They have to inform the Study Department that will immediately inform the students.
  • Students cannot visit the Deans’ office. The student will communicate with the employees of the Dean’s office just via emails.
  • The entrance to the Old and New Theoretical Institutes and institutes in Moskovská street will be open just from the main entrance, where the temperature of the students will be taken with contactless thermometer. 
  • The lunch will be provided just for employees of FM CU, the students and pensioners who do not work at FM CU cannot go to the faculty canteen. The workers of the canteen who hand out meals will wear face masks.
  • We ask the employees and students to restrict any personal contact (hanging hands) to minimum. 
  • In the frame of preventive measures FM CU have done all possible to provide face masks, until now we managed to order 1800 pieces. As there is a lack of face mask in Slovakia, first they will be provided for older teachers, then students and teachers suffering from chronic diseases and lowered immunity. The way of their distribution will be announced on Monday.
  • The Board of the Dean monitors all present available information, is in the contact with responsible authorities and updated information will be published of the websites of FM CU. 
  • The stated measures are applicable immediately until further notice. 
  • The further activities will be coordinated also with the Rector’s Office, CU. Based on new information from the Rector’s Office CU any possible new measures will be implemented.  
  • The Information on the cancelation of these measures will be published on the websites of FM CU.


Further information

  • On below mentioned website you can find the advice how to manage a patient with suspected or proved infection COVID-19:  

  • Further information for patients in the form of infographic for COVID-19 you might find on the website: