COVID-19 - Measures to prevent the spread of infection at LF UK

RESOLUTION - from the extraordinary meeting of the board of the dean, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University (FM CU) in Bratislava, held on 4 March 2020

06. 03. 2020 10.40 hod.


The board of the dean of FM CU decided on the following measures focused on prevention of the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 infection:

  • The board of the dean decided that the teaching process at FM CU will continue. Contact teaching needs to be reduced. Practical teaching will be provided, if possible, mainly in a form of seminars. until any other further information will be announced.
  • Students and employees who returned to Slovakia from a risky region will stay in a quarantine for two weeks (employees must take a holiday). A student who due to quarantine will not attend the tuition has to inform an appropriate workplace without any delay.

  • The university-wide resolution deals with the participation of teachers in conferences. A 2-week holiday is ordered after the return from risky regions.

  • If a student was or will go on a holiday to a risky region, after being already informed about new preventive measures, his/her absence is not excused, and he/she will bear all possible consequences. Study vice-deans will check the justifiability of the student’s absence.

  • International students, as well as Slovak students, who returned from Erasmus programme organized in risky regions were asked to stay in a quarantine (mainly students returning to Slovakia from Iran, Germany and Italy). Students are obliged to observe if they do not have any symptoms of a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. The students will sign the statutory declaration that if they feel any mentioned symptoms, they will not take part in the tuition. It is a significant preventive measure oriented predominantly to the protection of patients at hospital departments.

  • Before the beginning of the classes, the teachers will be obliged to ask their students if they do not have any symptoms of a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Before the classes, the temperature of the students will be checked. Wearing masks will be obligatory for students who take part in practicals at clinics as well as for students taking part in lectures and practicals of preclinical subjects.
  • The board of the dean will ask for masks for students at practicals from the hospital sources. Besides that, masks and thermometers are ordered in a presently available amount (2000 masks, 110 thermometers) As soon as they are available, they will be distributed to the clinics and institutes. Additional dispensers of disinfectants have been ordered and will be placed in the buildings in the Old and New Theoretical Institutes and the building in Moskovská street.

  • Practicals in the study program Dentistry in dental subjects will be provided as up to now. The temperature of the students, and treated patients will be checked, after the contactless thermometers are provided. The students are obliged to wear a mask not only during the contact with patients but during their whole presence in the dentist’s office.
  • The cleaners will take care of increased disinfection of auditory rooms and shared space.
  • The canteen of MF CU is a risky space. Meals should be handed out in masks.

  • In the shared space of the faculty, there will be notices and warnings how the students of the faculty must behave.

  • The possibility of streaming of the lectures for students will be checked.

  • In case there will be a considerable change in the epidemiological situation, the students will be immediately informed about any further steps.