Comenius University Has Four New Professors

On 27 March 2019, Slovak president Andrej Kiska appointed 25 new professors to their positions. Four of these professors were from Comenius University.

01. 04. 2019 16.01 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

“In the next few years, higher education in Slovakia will undergo a new accreditation process. I think we are all tensely awaiting to see whether it will be for the better and whether it will be a change that will support and require real quality,” Kiska said. He also laid out expectations which were characterized by the ability to name problems, work on them, and work with those who are politically responsible for them.

The president expressed his gratitude to the newly appointed professors and gave a vision for the future in the fulfilment of the aims of research and teaching staff. He highlighted the importance of their work for students: “Your appointment today is also a great commitment to the future. In your future teaching work, you will guide students in their discovery of current knowledge in your fields of study and teaching programmes as well as encourage them to be curious about finding answers to unanswered questions. In them you will support the desire to discover the unknown and the urge to constantly re-evaluate our common past and present. You will approach your students as partners with an interest not only in how they are as students but also in how they are as people.”

The newly appointed professors at Comenius University are:

Professor Ľubica Argalášová, hygiene, Faculty of Medicine

Professor Alena Furdová, ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine

Professor Miloš Jeseňák, paediatrics, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

Professor Gabriela Lubelcová, sociology, Faculty of Arts