Comenius university has sixteen new professors

On Monday 16 May 2016, the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska appointed 42 new university professors to their positions. Sixteen of them work at Comenius University in Bratislava.

16. 05. 2016 16.29 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

“I am glad that today the quality of our education system is being talked about considerably more than one or two years ago. The responsible politicians are now facing greater pressure, and this should not be eased. On the contrary, it is important that everyone – parents, students and teachers – insists that the government markedly improve its work in education and achieve specific goals. However, not all changes can be made by politicians alone. Like other systems, education is often in a state of inertia. It is not always able to react to the changes happening around us in time, or to an adequate extent. And this is why it is your role, dear professors, to be the voices of modernization in our education system and in science and research within your specific fields so that our education system does not miss its future,” said the president in his ceremonial address.

“You have before you an important and wonderful calling – to help improve the quality of Slovak research and education. You have the opportunity to teach young people, your students, to be competent in their specific fields as well as honourable and conscientious citizens of our country and Europe, people who are able to think critically, make an argument, discern facts from fiction, and cultivate public discussion,” said Kiska.

The newly appointed professors from Comenius University are:

Jozef Bátora (CU Faculty of Arts), political science
Edgar Hiller (CU Faculty of Natural Sciences), geology 
Michal Chabada (CU Faculty of Arts), philosophy
Michal Javorka (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), normal and pathological physiology
Jozef Klembara (CU Faculty of Natural Sciences), zoology
Tatiana Kluvánková (CU Faculty of Management), management
Jozef Lysý (CU Faculty of Education), political science – inauguration ceremony held at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice
Ján Pečeňák (CU Faculty of Medicine), psychiatry
Anna Pilková (CU Faculty of Management), management
Martin Slobodník (CU Faculty of Arts), Oriental languages and cultures
Ján Staško (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), internal diseases
Stanislav Tokár (CU Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics), physics
Daniela Uhríková (CU Faculty of Pharmacy), physics
Peter Valkovič (CU Faculty of Medicine), neurology
Jozef Višňovský (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), gynaecology and obstetrics
Pavol Žúbor (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), gynaecology and obstetrics

The complete list of newly appointed professors is available on the webpage