Student Scientific Activity

Student Scientific Activity at Faculty of Medicine the Comenius University in Bratislava

Dear colleagues,


student scientific research, having many years’ tradition, plays at our faculty an important role. It facilitates the involvement of young colleagues in the scientific activities of the faculty, allowing them to navigate in the latest scientific knowledge, promote further education and it provides the ability to present their results at scientific symposia. Every year growing technical and professional level of presentations at the students' scientific conferences supports and proves these goals.

The science is not perfect, but it teaches the critical thinking skills, what is nowadays very valuable. Student scientific activity is also important factor in bringing another view and "new wind" into the routine scientific work. Without voluntary work of young colleagues and their tutors, will be the university science doomed to stagnation and decline.

Dear colleagues, all of you are welcome. Let us wish you a lot of patience and courage. Let us hope that also this year will bring new impulses to the further development of medicine for the benefit of patients. We invite all of you to follow this path and join us.