Assoc. prof. Ladislav Czakó, MD, PhD.

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Czako L, Hirjak D, Simko K, Thurzo A, Janovszky A, Galis B. 3D navigation in surgery of Eagle syndrome. Bratislava Medical Journal. 2019 


IF 1,200


Czakó L, Vavro M, Dvoranová B, Soviš M, Šimko K, Thurzo A, Gális B, Sándor F. Three-dimensional navigation in maxillofacial surgery - the way to minimize surgical stress and improve accuracy in fibula free flap and Eagles syndrome surgical procedures. Acta chirurgiae plasticae. 2021 




Vereb T, Boda K, Czakó L, Vaszilkó M, Fülöp G, Klenk G, Janovszky Á, Oberna F, Piffkó J, Seres L. Cloud-Based Multicenter Data Collection and Epidemiologic Analysis of Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws in a Central European Population. Journal of clinical medicine. 2020


IF 4,242


Galis B, Zajko J, Hirjak D, Vanko L, Kupcova I, Jurkemik J, Gengelova P, Mikuskova K, Halmova K, Riznic M, Czako L. Is the prevalence of the medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws underestimated, evaluation in oncological and non-oncological disease. Bratislava Medical Journal. 2017 


IF 0,678


Czako L, Simko K, Thurzo A, Galis B, Varga I. The Syndrome of Elongated Styloid Process, the Eagle's Syndrome-From Anatomical, Evolutionary and Embryological Backgrounds to 3D Printing and Personalized Surgery Planning. Report of Five Cases. Medicina (Kaunas). 2020


IF 2,430