Accessibility statement

The website (as well, is the basic website of the Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University in Bratislava and meets all the basic accessibility standards for information systems of public administration designed by Decree Standards for Information No. 55 / 2014.
The web site is designed with respect to maximum accessibility of content and functionality.
The web site is accessible even after the display of images, cascading style sheets (CSS) with slight limitation even with JavaScript sequences. It is defined in relative units and its contents can be easily zoomed in and out using standard tools of Web browsers.
The files on the primary Audience headquarters are in .pdf format. To view this documents should have a browser installed Adobe Reader, which is freely redistributable and can be downloaded from Adobe. Several files are in formats .docx, .rtf and .xlsx, which can be displayed and edited in the usually available text editors and spreadsheet programs.

The web site has a built-in RSS module which can receive short text messages using regular collection.

Supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox 24
  • IE 9 and higher without the backward compatibility
  • Opera 12 and higher.

In case of any problems with the availability of the web site, please contact technical Web administration at the e-mail address The Centre of Information Technologies of Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University is the technical operator of the site.