Ph.D. Study

Basic Informations

General information

Postgraduate study is intended  for all students who seek academic careers at the theoretical, preclinical and clinical workplaces and want to devote an appropriate proportion of their working time to deepening of the latest knowledge on selected issues, monitoring the latest trends in their own field, knowing the latest methods of scientific work. Postgraduate study is the highest level of the university education. It is carried out in full-time and part-time form. Organization of the postgraduate study is based on the credit system. The main role of postgraduate studies at medical faculties is to educate physicians knowing  scientific approaches, which will contribute to a higher level of patient care.

Postgraduate study is the third level of the university education.  18 study programmes in the  study fields are accredited at the Faculty of Medicine CU. The standard length of study is four years in full-time study, five years in part-time study. The study according to the study programme must not exceed its standard length in more than two years.