International Relations

International Relations of CUFM

Since the foundation of the Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine (CUFM) in 1919, close ties have been established between its research institutes and those in other countries. Most of the leading scientists and teachers gained work experience as research or clinical fellows at leading health care centers and universities and have participated at international scientific events.
Slovakia joined The European Union in May 2004. Since then various initiatives have been implemented regarding the reinforcement of student and teacher mobility. The Lisbon strategy emphasized the importance of human resources and mobility as the basis of a knowledge-based Europe. That means to mobilize PhD students, post-docs, professors and teachers to fulfill Europe’s ambitions in the scientific area.
The CUFM cooperates with European universities within Erasmus programme, and also in the frame of the International Federation of Medical. The seven years programme Erasmus+ was finished in 2020. The current program period Erasmus+ runs from 2021 to 2027.
Since 1993 CUFM has offered the English programmes in General Medicine and Dentistry for international students, that enable CUFM to become a diverse international multicultural arena.
Although many practices already exist throughout Europe a lot of work still has to be done. Our goal is to increase the international cooperation between CUFM and distinguished universities and research institutes worldwide. We support the transatlantic relations that may lead to cooperative relationships among health professionals and experts and to on-going exchange of information and research outcomes.
In 2004 the Memorandum on Academic Cooperation between University of Michigan and Comenius University Faculty of Medicine was signed. Since then the students and visiting scholars from UM have come to visit CUFM and vice versa. In 2006 the Program of Slovak-American Academic Cooperation was launched for exchange of medical experts between the two countries. It aims to promote the relationship with our alumni living in the USA and to find the opportunities for development of cooperation in education and research.
Since 2007 the International Mobility Centre has been an integrative part of the CUFM, developing and supporting international academic initiatives for the benefit of undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff.