Normal and Pathological Physiology

A person responsible for the delivery, development, and quality of the study programme:

prof. Fedor Šimko, MD, PhD.

Intitute of Pathological Physiology FM CU, Sasinkova 4, Bratislava



Teachers of the profile subject:

prof. Beata Mladosievičová, MD, PhD.

Assoc. prof. Tomáš Baka, MD, PhD.

Assoc. prof. Jana Radošinská, MD, PhD.


Study advisor of the study programme:


List of the supervisors:


Place/s of realisation of the study programme:


Awarded academic degree: doctor ("philosophiae doctor", in short, "PhD. ")


The language in which the programme is organised: Slovak, English


The standard length of study in academic years: four years (internal form) / five years (external form)

Graduate profile and learning objectives:  


Evaluation of the study programme quality by employers: