The WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology serves for wireless connection of portable devices to a computer network. At selected points at Comenius University it makes the IIKS UK and the Internet services available for the purposes of the educational process or scientific research. Since 1 December 2008 Comenius University has offered the WiFi connection which has been integrated in the project. This service is intended for students and CU staff, as well as for users coming from the institutions participating in the Eduroam project.


While using the service, the user’s personal computer becomes part of the CU computer network, and therefore the user is obliged to observe the General Regulations for Behaviour of the CU Computer Network User.

It is to be pointed out that this service should be used to stimulate the educational process and scientific research and that the users’ behaviour should thus accord with the purpose.


The WiFi service is intended for students and CU staff, as well as for coming from the institutions participating in the Eduroam project. Should the terms of use of the service be violated, certain users can be excluded from the use of the service. Before using the service, user’s name and password authentication allocated to each CU staff member and student at the central database of persons (CDP) is requested. They can be looked up at https://cdo.uniba.sk/public/findpk. External users requesting user’s credentials should apply at their home institution.


To use the service, a wireless client card is required with your device (802.11b or802.11g) and you must be within the range of the WiFi connection. The service must be configured in the operation system. The  PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux (Mandriva, Debian), Windows XP and Windows Vista connections have been realized. The name of the wireless network (SSID), to which you can get connected within the WiFi service, is eduroam. The service is gradually being introduced to all CU parts.


Configure your client according the manuals found in the upper part of this site.


In case of queries contact the hotline:
phone: +421 259 244 944

 Hotline provides assistance at:

  • problems with connecting to the CU infrastructure for both university and external Eduroam users (provided supported device containing a supported operation system is being connected),
  • problems with getting access information university Eduroam users need to get connected.

Hotline does not provide assistance at:

  • problems occurring when university users attempt to get connected to the infrastructure of external institutions  involved in the Eduroam project.  In such cases it is necessary to ask for the support at the relevant external institution.
  • problems external Eduroam users face when obtaining the access information necessary for their connecting via the CU infrastructure.

Hotline supports the following devices and operation systems:

  • computer system with Microsoft Windows XP
  • computer system with Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • computer system with Microsoft Windows 7