Assoc. prof. Ľudovít Danihel, MD, PhD.

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Danihel L Jr, Danihel L Sr, Rajcok M, Mosna K, Belan V, Varga I, Schnorrer M. Significance of MRI in rectal carcinoma therapy optimization - correlation of preoperative T- and N-staging with definitive histopathological findings. Neoplasma. 2019


IF 1,721


Cierna Z, Varga I, Danihel L Jr, Kuracinova K, Janegova A, Danihel L. Intermediate trophoblast - A distinctive, unique and often unrecognized population of trophoblastic cells. Annals of Anatomy. 2016


IF 1,864


Mosna K, Ladicka M, Drgona L, Vranovska M, Hojsikova I, Tomasova R, Danihel L Jr, Kyselovic J, Babal P. Ibrutinib treatment of mantle cell lymphoma complicated by progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. International journal of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 2020


IF 1,366


Varga I, Miko M, Kachlík D, Žišková M, Danihel Ľ Jr, Babál P. How many cell types form the epithelial lining of the human uterine tubes? Revision of the histological nomenclature of the human tubal epithelium. Annals of Anatomy. 2019


IF 2,388


Varga I, Klein M, Urban L, Danihel L Jr, Polak S, Danihel L Sr. Recently discovered interstitial cells "telocytes" as players in the pathogenesis of uterine leiomyomas. Medical Hypotheses. 2018


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