Examination in the English Language

Examination in a professional language takes place in an examination period of winter and summer semester (January, May and June). The examination committee consists of two English teachers and the PhD tutor of the candidate.

A PhD student is obliged to study medical literature in English in the scope of minimum 200 pages.

Examination performance:

1. Reading comprehension

A PhD student reads a selected text form the professional literature studied. An examiner tests the comprehension via the reproduction of the content in English, explanation of technical terminology, or translation into Slovak.

2. Listening comprehension

A PhD student listens to a short text form his/her study field (recorded or read by an examiner). A PhD student reproduces its content in English.

3. Presentation

A PhD student prepares the presentation of a professional topic ahead (electronic form of PowerPoint and the like), which is focused on his/her PhD dissertation work (or its part).

The presentation is followed by a dialogue on a professional topic presented and a PhD's ability to communicate is evaluated.