Historically, Institute of Physiology belongs to the oldest institutes of Medical faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. Its primary aim is to teach medical students the physiology and the processes in normal healthy body. Nevertheless, the important role of Institute of Physiology is also a scientific work of our teachers. Pre-gradual as well as PhD. students are being enrolled and educated in our research projects. The results of these projects are published in CC journals and presented at scientific congresses. 

From the technical point of view, our institute has access to behavioral tracking software, which automatically detects the animal behaviour in various tasks and experimental mazes. Moreover, our institute disposes of modern equipment for molecular biology research (PCR, Real-time PCR, elecroporator system, electrophoresis, Western-blot, etc.) and for morphological analysis (light microscopy, fluorescent and inverse microscopy, i-BOX for in vivo imaging).

Topics for research at our institute include mainly the research of testosterone and other steroids effects on spatial cognitive abilities in human or in animal models of various diseases as is for example social interaction in rat autism model or complete behavioral profile in relation to chronic renal disease. The new topics are aimed at interdisciplinary research of autism, which at our institute focuses mainly on research of etiology and pathogenesis of this condition. Moreover, autism research is aimed at the quality of life and the possibility of influencing this quality by nutritional status. In cooperation with other research institutes, especially the Slovak Academy of Sciences, our research deals with the melatonine and its effect on heart, hypertension as well as with the various aspects of nutrition on human health.

We are an institute that offers every year the new possibilities of interdisciplinary research and cooperation, and is actually opened to new, maybe Your ideas in terms of academic freedom.


assoc. prof. Daniela Ostatníková, MD, PhD.