prof. Ivan Varga, RNDr., PhD. et PhD.


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Varga I, Gálfiová P, Blanková A, Konarik M, Báča V, Dvořákova V, Musil V, Turyna R, Klein M. Terminologia Histologica 10 years on: some disputable terms in need of discussion and recent developments. Annals of Anatomy. 2019


IF 2,388


Varga I, Miko M, Kachlík D, Žišková M, Danihel Ľ Jr, Babál P. How many cell types form the epithelial lining of the human uterine tubes? Revision of the histological nomenclature of the human tubal epithelium. Annals of Anatomy. 2019


IF 2,388


Varga I, Kachlík D, Žišková M, Miko M. Lymphatic lacunae of the mucosal folds of human uterine tubes - A rediscovery of forgotten structures and their possible role in reproduction. Annals of Anatomy. 2018


IF 2,241


Mikušová R, Mešťanová V, Polák Š, Varga I. What do we know about the structure of human thymic Hassall's corpuscles? A histochemical, immunohistochemical, and electron microscopic study. Annals of Anatomy. 2017


IF 1,852


Klein M, Csöbönyeiová M, Žiaran S, Danišovič Ľ, Varga I. Cardiac Telocytes 16 Years on-What Have We Learned So Far, and How Close Are We to Routine Application of the Knowledge in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine? International journal of molecular sciences. 2021


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