A person responsible for the delivery, development, and quality of the study programme:

prof. MUDr. Mária Šimaljaková, PhD.

Department of Dermatovenerology, Faculty of Medicine CU, Mickiewiczova 13, Bratislava



Teachers of the profile subject:

 prof. MUDr. Danka Švecová, PhD.

doc. MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD., MPH, MHA, FEBOPRAS


Study advisor of the study programme:

doc. MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD. ( (personal contact after agreement via e-mail) 


List of the supervisors:

prof. MUDr. Mária Šimaljaková, PhD., prof. MUDr. Danka Švecová, PhD., doc. MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD., MPH, MHA, FEBOPRAS, doc. MUDr. Jagienka Jautová, PhD. 


Place/s of realisation of the study programme:

The Medical Faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava and its parts seat, including clinical workplaces, which are part of university hospitals providing an education of students at Faculty of Medicine, CU in Bratislava, with which the university has concluded ‘Contracts on practical training’ (University Hospital Bratislava, National Institute for Children's Diseases, Merciful Brothers University Hospital, St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute, National Oncological Institute, National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease) 

Awarded academic degree: doctor ("philosophiae doctor", in short, "PhD. ")


The language in which the programme is organised: Slovak, English


The standard length of study in academic years: four years (internal form) / five years (external form)


Graduate profile and learning objectives:  

The content of the doctoral study program is focused on the study of dermatovenereology. During the doctoral study, the student acquires knowledge in the field of dermatovenereology. The student will learn to independently formulate a scientific problem, formulate a scientific hypothesis, prepare and implement a scientific experiment, use new methods in research, objectively evaluate the results and their statistical analysis. The main goal of these activities will be theoretical as well as practical mastery of research methods. Graduates of the study program will be focused on new research methods and applying its conclusions in practice. The requirement to complete the study program is also the ability to present their own research results to the professional public at conferences and scientific events and in the form of publishing articles in professional journals. The results of creative experimental work not only contribute to the development of science and scientific knowledge, but their proper scientific value allows their clinical application in various fields of medicine, such as dermatovenereology in new applications of topical treatment.

The third degree of university study in the presented study program focuses on a narrower specialization and deepening of theoretical and scientific knowledge of professional training in the field of dermatovenereology. Graduates of the study program find employment at all universities where dermatovenereology is taught, either as university teachers or as researchers. Thanks to the acquaintance with a wide range of knowledge and practical laboratory / clinical skills, the graduate can find employment in the field of healthcare at dermatovenereological clinics and workplaces. In the private sector, they can also work as researchers, developers and professionals in the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.

If a doctoral graduate also has the necessary qualifications in accreditation specialization education (for example, in accredited specialized fields of specialization study in the profession “ medical doctor” - in this case dermatovenereologist), he/she can participate in the education of future specialists and in their preparation for a regulated profession.

As general medicine is a study programme whose content definition is related to the preparation of experts for some of regulated occupations with coordination of education in the appendix No. 2 of the Decree of MSVVS SR No. 16/2016 Coll. according to Government Regulation No. 296/2010 Coll., results from the study branches assigned to regulated professions. On March 29, 2021 we asked the Ministry of Healthcare SR for the affirmative opinion on the concord of acquired qualification with sectoral-specific requirements for the occupation performance.



Graduates of the presented doctoral study program are currently in demand mainly at the workplaces in the field of healthcare at inpatient and outpatient dermatovenerological departments. Graduates of doctoral studies can  use obtained skills within the field of education as university teachers or researchers at universities with a focus on medicine, health sciences, public health, biology and pharmacy.

Graduates of the presented study program at the Medical Faculty in Bratislava master a wide range of scientific methods used in biomedical research, which can be applied creatively in their work and thus contribute to the development of scientific knowledge. They have the prerequisites for successful application in leading teams in a wide range of scientific and research institutions focused on medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical sciences, they are professionally prepared to work creatively in scientific institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at various levels of research.

Other professions, which, however, also require the completion of an accredited study program of specialized studies in the medical profession for the independent performance of the profession, include a “ medical doctor”  - dermatovenerologist.


Evaluation of the study programme quality by employers:

A request to assess the quality of the submitted study programme was sent to selected employers to express their opinion on the need for a new doctoral study programme focused on medical biology and clinical genetics. Delivered letters are available at the Department of scientific-research activities, doctoral studies and international relationships of the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava