Assoc. prof. Vladimír Krásnik, MD, PhD.

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Opatrilova R, Kubatka P, Caprnda M, Büsselberg D, Krasnik V, Vesely P, Saxena S, Ruia S, Mozos I, Rodrigo L, Kruzliak P, Dos Santos KG. Nitric oxide in the pathophysiology of retinopathy: evidences from preclinical and clinical researches. Acta Ophthalmologica 2018


 IF 3,153


Opatrilova R, Caprnda M, Kubatka P, Valentova V, Uramova S, Nosal V, Gaspar L, Zachar L, Mozos I, Petrovic D, Dragasek J, Filipova S, Büsselberg D, Zulli A, Rodrigo L, Kruzliak P, Krasnik V. Adipokines in neurovascular diseases. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2018 


 IF 3,743


Saxena S, Caprnda M, Ruia S, Prasad S, Ankita, Fedotova J, Kruzliak P, Krasnik V. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography based imaging biomarkers for diabetic retinopathy. Endocrine. 2019


 IF 3,235


Caprnda M, Zulli A, Shiwani HA, Kubatka P, Filipova S, Valentova V, Gazdikova K, Mozos I, Berukstis A, Laucevicius A, Rihacek I, Dragasek J, Prosecky R, Egom EE, Staffa R, Kruzliak P, Krasnik V. The therapeutic effect of B-type natriuretic peptides in acute decompensated heart failure.     Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. 2020


 IF 2,557


Popov I, Popova V, Krasnik V. Comparing the Results of Vitrectomy and Sclerectomy in a Patient with Nanophthalmic Uveal Effusion Syndrome. Medicina (Kaunas). 2021 


 IF 2,430