Title page e-book A Dictionary of Epidemiology

A Dictionary of Epidemiology Unlimited Access
Porta, Miquel S., International Epidemiological Association
5th ed. edited for the International Epidemiological Association by Miquel Porta ; associate editors,. Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA. 2008
ISBN: 9780195314496. 9780199718153. 

Title page e-book Disinfectants : Properties, Applications and Effectiveness

Disinfectants : Properties, Applications and Effectiveness Unlimited Access
Cardoso, Ana Sofia, Martins Almeida, Cristina Maria, Cordeiro, Telma Costa, De Jesus Gaffney, Vanessa
New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2017
ISBN: 9781634859585. 9781634859745.

Title page e-book Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction

Epidemiology: A Very Short Introduction Unlimited Access
Saracci, Rodolfo
Oxford : OUP Oxford. 2010
ISBN: 9780199543335. 9780191572821. 9780191609244.

Title page e-book Essential Epidemiology

Essential Epidemiology : An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals 
1 Copy Available

Webb, P., Bain, Ch.
2nd ed. Cambridge University Press. 2011. 461 p.
ISBN: 9780521177313. 9780511932991.

Title page e-book Hygiene and Epidemiology : Selected Chapters

Hygiene and Epidemiology : Selected Chapters Unlimited Access
Bencko, Vladimír et al.
2nd rev. ed. Prague : Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press. 2020
ISBN: 9788024643069. 9788024643137.

Title page e-book Jekel´s Epidemiology

Jekel's Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health 
1 Copy Available
Jekel, J.F., Katz, D.L.
4th ed., Saunders. 2014. 194 p.
ISBN: 9781455706587. 9781455706563.

Title page e-book Modern Methods for Epidemiology

Modern Methods for Epidemiology 1 Copy Available
Greenwood, D.C., Tu, Yu-Kang
Springer. 2012. 314 p.
ISBN: 9789400730236. 9789400730243.


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