Occupational Medicine

Title page e-book Introduction to Occupational Health

Introduction to Occupational Health in Public Health Practice 1 Copy Available
Healey, B.J., Walker, K.T.
1st ed. Jossey-Bass. 2009. 355 p.
ISBN: 9780470447680. 9780470504048.

Title page e-book Musculoskeletal Sports

Musculoskeletal, Sports and Occupational Medicine Unlimited Access
Micheo, William
New York : Demos Medical. 2011
ISBN: 9781933864495. 9781617050077. 

Title page e-book Occupational and Evironmental health

Occupational and Environmental Health : Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury Unlimited Access
Levy, Barry S.
6th ed. Oxford University Press. 2011. 883 p.
ISBN: 9780195397888. 9780199750061.

Title page e-book Occupational Exposure and Health Risks

Occupational Exposure and Health Risks Unlimited Access
Oddone, Enrico
New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2016
ISBN: 9781634850735. 9781634850957.


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