Internal medicine

Title page e-book 12 Lead EKG

12-Lead EKG Confidence, Third Edition : A Step-By-Step Guide Unlimited Access
Green, Jacqueline M., Chiaramida, Anthony J.
Ed.: 3rd ed. New York : Springer Publishing Company. 2014
ISBN: 9780826119049. 9780826119056. 

Title page e-book 150 Practice ECGs

150 Practice ECGs: Interpretation and Review Unlimited Access
Taylor, G.J.
3rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2006. 266 p.
ISBN: 9781405104838. 9780470693964.

Title page e-book The AHA Guidelines

The AHA Guidelines and Scientific Statements Handbook 1 Copy Available
Fuster, Valentin.
American Heart Association. UK: Wiley-Blackwell. 2009. 389 p.
ISBN: 9781405184632. 9781444303483.

Title page e-book Atlas of Gastroenterology

Atlas of Gastroenterology Unlimited Access
Yamada, T. ed 
4th ed., Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. 1190 p.
ISBN: 9781405169097. 9781444303414.

Title page e-book Cardiovascular Risk

Cardiovascular Risk Management 1 Copy Available
Arroll, B., Hobbs, R.
Wiley-Blackwell. 2008. 101 p.
ISBN: 9781405155755. 9781444303360.

Titulná strana e-book Case Discussions in Endocrinology

Case Discussions in Endocrinology Unlimited Access
Şahin, Mustafa
New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2017
ISBN: 9781536106343. 9781536106466

Title page e-book Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease : Risk Factors, Health Implications and Dietary Management Unlimited Access
Garner Patricia
New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2016
ISBN: 9781536103342. 9781536103540.

Title page e-book Goldberger´s Clinical Electrocardiography

Clinical Electrocardiography 1 Copy Available
Goldberger, A.L.
Elsevier Saunders. 2012. 245 p.
ISBN: 9780323087865. 9780323091565.

Title page e-book Clinical Hematology Atlas

Clinical Hematology Atlas počet kópií: 1
Rodak, Bernadette F., Carr, Jacqueline H.
5th ed. St. Louis, Mo : Saunders. 2017
ISBN: 9780323322492. 9780323322508

Title page e-book A colour Handbook Gastroenterology

Colour Handbook Gastroenterology 1 Copy Available
Boulton, R., Cousins, C., Gupta, S., Hodgson, H.
2nd ed. Manson Pub. 2011. 248 p. 
ISBN: 9781840760682. 9781840766035.

Title page e-book Conn´s Current Therapy

Conn`s Current Therapy 2014 1 Copy Available
Conn, Howard F., Kellerman, Rick D., Bope, Edward T.
Elsevier Saunders. 2014. 1257 p. 
ISBN: 9781455702961. eISBN: 9780323225724

Title page e-book Current Diagnosis and Treatment

Current Diagnosis & Treatment. Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Endoscopy 
2 Copies Available

Greenberger, N.J., Blumberg, R.S., Burakoff, R.
3rd ed. McGraw-Hill. 2009. 605 p.
ISBN: 9780071490078. 9780071714730.

Title page e-book Current Diagnosis and Treatment Nephrology and Hypertension

Current Diagnosis & Treatment. Nephrology & Hypertension 2 Copies Available
Lerma, E.V., Berns, J.S., Nissenson, A.R.
McGraw-Hill Medical. 2009. 589 p.
ISBN: 9780071447874. 9780071641081.

Title page e-book Diagnostic Hematology

Diagnostic Hematology 1 Copy Available
Beck, Norman
Springer. 2009. 504 p.
ISBN: 9781848002821. 9781848002951.

Title page e-book Diagnostic Interviewing

Diagnostic Interviewing 1 Copy Available
Segal, D.L., Hersen, M.
4th ed. Springer. 2010. 562 p.
ISBN: 9781441913197. 9781441913203.

Title page e-book Essential Hypertension

Essential Hypertension Unlimited Access
Cruickshank, J. M.
People's Medical Publishing House. 2013. 457 p.
ISBN: 9781607951681. eISBN:9781607952534

Title page e-book Haematology at a Glance

Haematology at a Glance 1 Copy Available
Mehta, Atul B., Hoffbrand, A. V.
4th ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2014. 135 p.
ISBN: 9781119969228. eISBN: 9781118261200.

Title page e-book Internal Medicine Evidence

Internal Medicine Evidence Unlimited Access
Liao, J.M., Kanjee, Z.
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health, 2017
ISBN: 9781496343550. 9781496387455.

Title page e-book Clinical Medicine

Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine 10e Unlimited Access
Feather, A., Randall, D., Waterhouse, M.
10th ed. Elsevier. 2021. 1564 p.
eISBN: 9780702078705.

Title page e-book Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Lange 2010 Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2 Copies Available
McPhee, S.J., Papadakis, M.A.
49th ed. McGraw-Hill, Medical. 2010. 1783 p.
ISBN: 9780071624442. 9780071714723.

Title page e-book Oxford Handbook of Cardiology

Oxford Handbook of Cardiology 1 Copy Available
Ramrakha, Punit, Hill, Jonathan, eds.
2nd ed., Oxford University Press. 2012. 737 p.
ISBN: 9780199643219. 9780191629983.
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Title page e-book Oxford Handbook of Nephrology

Oxford Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension 1 Copy Available
Steddon, Simon, Cunningham, John, Chesser, Alistair, Ashman, Neil
2nd ed. Oxford University Press USA. 2014
ISBN: 9780199651610. eISBN: 9780191502972.

Title page e-book Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Unlimited Access
Johnson, W.H., Moller, J.H. 
2nd ed., Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. 352 p.
ISBN: 9781405178181. 9781444300697.

Title page e-book Swanton´s Cardiology

Swanton's Cardiology: A concise guide to clinical practice Unlimited Access
Swanton, R.H., Banerjee, S. 
6th ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2009. 686 p.
ISBN: 9781405178198.  9781444300048.

Title page e-book Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology

Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unlimited Access
Hawkey, C.J., Bosch, J., Richter, J.E., Garcia-Tsao, G., Chan, F.K.L. (eds) 
2nd ed. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. 897 p. 
ISBN: 9781405191821. 9781118321386.

Title page e-book Textbook of Gastroenterology

Textbook of Gastroenterology Unlimited Access
Alpers, D.H., Yamada, T.
5th ed. Blackwell Pub. 2009. 3577 p.
ISBN: 9781405169110. 9781444303261. 

Title page e-book Textbook of Physical Diagnosis

Textbook of Physical Diagnosis: History and Examination 1 Copy Available
Swartz, M.H.
6th ed. Saunders/Elsevier. 2010. 902 p.
ISBN: 9781416062035. 9781455704156.

Titulná strana e-book 12 Lead EKG

Tuberkulóza Unlimited Access
Homolka, Jiří
Ed.: 5., upravené vydání. Praha : Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press. 2016
ISBN: 9788024634760. 9788024635217.

Title page e-book Unusual Signs and Symptoms in Internal Medicine

Unusual Signs and Symptoms in Internal Medicine Unlimited Access
Gallo, Vittorio
Torino : SEED [Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development]. 2011
ISBN: 9788897419099. 9788897419044.


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