Board of the Dean

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Juraj Payer, MD, PhD., MPH, FRCP, FEFIM


Prof. Peter Valkovič, MD, PhD. - senior associate dean and vice dean for research funding

Prof. Milan Kokavec, MD, PhD., MPH - vice dean for faculty collaboration with medical institutions and health care

Assoc. Prof. Peter Jackuliak, MD, PhD., MPH, FEFIM - vice dean for specialization study programme, quality and it

Prof. Daniela Ostatníková, MD, PhD. - vice dean for international relations and faculty development

Prof. Štefan Polák, MD, PhD. - vice dean for property management and investment strategies

Prof. Dr. Ivan Varga, PhD. et PhD. - vice dean for science, research and phd studies

Prof. Alexandra Bražinová, MD, PhD., MPH - vice dean for the 1st – 3rd year general medicine study programme in slovak language and for development of pre-clinical institutes

Prof. Mária Šimaljaková, MD, PhD., MHA, MPH - vice dean for 4th – 6th year of general medicine study programme in slovak language  and student social affairs

Prof. Ľudmila Podracká, MD, CSc. - vice dean for general medicine study programme in the english language

Assoc. Prof. Andrej Thurzo, MD, PhD., MHA, MPH - vice dean for pedagogical activities in the study program of dentistry in slovak and english languages

Director of Finance of the Faculty:

Ing. Adela Kubíniová

Chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty:

prof. Štefan Durdík, MD, PhD, MPH, MHA

Head of the Personnel Department:

JUDr. Žaneta Krasulová

Representative of the student

Ivan Fuljer MD, MPH