Institute of Molecular Biomedicine

IMBM is a research institute of the Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University in Slovakia. We are located in Bratislava, both in the heart of the capital’s old town at Sasinkova 4, and in the Biomedical research center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Dubravská street 9.  The mission of IMBM is simple: to do (and enjoy doing) science. As of our staff, we have a vast range of educational background – from molecular biology, biophysics, biotechnology or physiology, up to medicine. While we believe that interdisciplinarity is a key scientific value. Furthermore, our partnerships extend to collaborating with clinicians and complementary research institutes all around the globe (Aachen, Gothenburg, New York, Boston, Hradec Králové…). This is a great enrichment to our  esearch. Of course, our institute is also home for many PhD students that are trained here in experimental and laboratory medicine, as well as undergraduate and graduate students that work on their bachelor/master/doctoral thesis with us. Moreover, our teaching takes place at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Natural  Sciences of the Comenius University. Ultimately, IMBM is an institute of open-minded people, scientists, who share their devotion to science. If you share this devotion with us, apply and come join us at the Institute of Molecular Biomedicine in Bratislava.

Our team


Henrieta Vontorčíková
Tel.: +421-2-90119-371 </output>

Henrieta Vontorčíková
Phone: +421-2-90119-371

Head of Institute:

assoc. prof. Roman Gardlík, MD, Dr. Rer. Nat.,PhD.


assoc. prof. Katarína Šebeková, MD, Dsc.

assoc. prof. Peter Celec, MD, dipl Ing., Dr. Rer. Nat., DSc. MPH

assoc. prof. Július Hodosy, MD, MSc.,PhD., MPH

prof. Peter Boor, MD, PhD.

assoc. prof. Barbora Vlková, dr. Rer. Nat., PhD



Scientific Researchers:

Veronika Borbélyová, MSc., PhD.

Barbora Konečná, MSc., PhD.

Michal Pastorek, MSc., PhD.

Emese Renczés, MSc., PhD.

Ľubica Janovičová, MSc., PhD.

Janka Bábičková, MSc., PhD.

PhD Students:

Alena Potočárová, DVM

Kristína Macáková, MSc.

Katarína Kmeťová, MSc.

Jakub Janko, MSc.

Monika Janíková, MSc.

Jakub Szabó, M.A.

Barbora Gromová, MSc.

Kristína Lichá, MSc.

Paulína Belvončíková, MSc.

Emil Bečka, MSc.

Andrej Feješ, MSc.

Nikola Kováčová, MSc.

Petronela Sušienková, M.A..


Other Employees:

Mgr. Bibiana Bujačková

Mgr. Stanislava Sochová

Ingrid Simonová

Hanna Fedorets

Msc. Emma Skybová

Mária Turoňová

Barnabás Borbély

Kristína Michalovičová


tel.: +421-2-90119-274, +421-2-90119-350, +421-2-90119-296

Published papers

Published papers

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News institute

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