Institute of Pathophysiology

Department of Clinical Pathophysiology

Head of the Department:  Prof. MD. Beata Mladosievičová, PhD.
                                           Tel. 59357 604 

Professors:  Prof. MD. Beata Mladosievičová, PhD.

Academic/Research Staff: DrSc., PhD.,  MD. Barbara Ukropcová, PhD., MD.  Lucia Petríková

Support Staff:  Mgr. Dana Markovičová

Internal and external PhD Students:  MD.  Lucia Petríková rod. Setteyová (supervisor B. Mladosievičová),  RNDr.  Lucia Žideková (supervisor B. Mladosievičová), Mgr. Nikoleta Laiferová (supervisor B. Ukropcová), Mgr. Karin Malenovská (supervisor B. Ukropcová)

Address:  811 08 Bratislava Sasinkova 4 (IV.posch.), Sasinkova 2 (III.posch.)

Thanks to support by a grant from the Slovak League Against Cancer from year 2017 we use the latest methods to detect toxic complications of anticancer treatment in patients with hematologic malignancies.

Experimental Facility of the Institute

Experimental Facility of the Institute of Pathological Physiology has been established to perform a wide range of  animal experiments in the context  of scientific projects carried out at our Institute,   as part of cooperation with other research facilities.

Ethics Comittee
- Statute of the Ethics Committee (pdf dokument)
- Deed of Foundation of Ethic Committee (pdf dokument)

Operating Instructions of Experimental Facility 
- Operating Instructions manual (pdf dokument)

Staff List

    Staff List                                                            

Automatic telephone exchange:  00421-2-90119+extension;    VoIP number:  31xxx, xxx is extension

Head of the Institute:
Prof. MUDr. Fedor Šimko,
Tel: 90119 276    Fax: 90119 601
Deputy Head:
MUDr. Kristína Repová,
kl. 607
Institute Secretary:
Mgr. Kristína Krajčírovičová kristina.krajcirovicova@fmed.uniba.s
kl. 607
Lenka Libáková      
Tel: 90119 288    Fax: 90119 601
Ostatní pracovníci
Mgr. Silvia Aziriová
kl. 607
MUDr. Ljuba Bachárová, DrSc.
kl. 643
MUDr. Tomáš Baka, PhD.
Prof. MUDr. Marián Bernadič,
kl. 287
Doc. MUDr. Ing. RNDr. Peter Celec, DrSc.,,  kl. 296
Katarína Filkászová
kl. 643
Mgr. Dana Markovičová
kl. 611
Prof. MUDr. Beata Mladosievičová,
kl. 604
Zoja Molnárová
kl. 643
MVDr. Katarína Ondičová,
kl. 389, 610
MUDr. RNDr. Ľudovít Paulis,
kl. 294, 607
RNDr. Zuzana Poljak,
kl. 605
MUDr. Kristína Repová, PhD.
kl. 607
RNDr. Peter Slavkovský,
kl. 275
Prof. MUDr. Marián Turčáni,
MUDr. Barbara Ukropcová,
02-54772-800, klapka 254, 238
Miroslav Veselýkl. 419