Institute of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Basic Information about the Institute

Pedagogical Activity

Department provides teaching of subjects: Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Teaching of Pharmacology is oriented to gain basic information about drugs and ways of their rational usage. It is realised by Problem Based Learning (PBL). During seminars are studied cases of patients with selected diseases and students work out pharmacotherapeutic plan. Result of case analysis is  drug selection on the basis of these criterias: efficacy, safety, suitability and costs. Part of tutorials is to  prepare and present seminary essays on selected topics.

Scientific Research Activity

Within the basic research our department is focused on Cardiovascular Pharmacology. Research  activity involves evaluation of effects of vasoactive substances on vascular reactivity in different endothelial dysfunction models, respectively damage of the endothelium, evaluation of endothelium-protective properties of drugs and endothelial markers quantification. In cooperation with clinics, endothelial dysfunction markers are evaluated in patients with high cardiovascular risk.

In Clinical Pharmacology the department is focused on analysis of drug utilization with aspect to drug safety, risk perception and pharmacoeconomic evaluation of treatment. In pharmacoepidemiologic studies is evaluated quality of pharmacotherapy in risk group of population (children, elderly) with using quality indicators.


Grant Projects of the Department:

Study of endothelium-protective effects of drugs on the experimental models of endothelial damage. (Principal of the project: Assoc. prof. Viera Kristová, MD, PhD., Grant VEGA N°: 1/2293/05)

Perception of risk – key factor of their utilization. (Principal of the project: Prof. Milan Kriška, MD, DSc., Grant VEGA N°: 1/2292/05)

In cooperation with the Department of Experimental Endocrinology SAV: Neuroendocrinological mechanisms in relation to psychological condition and effect of drugs. (Principal of the project: Prof. PharmDr. Daniela Ježová, DSc., Grant VEGA N°: 2/5064/25)

In cooperation with the Department of Experimental Pharmacology SAV: Ischaemic-reperfusion damage in experimental diabetes type 2 and possibilities of its pharmacologic influence. (Principal of the project: RNDr. Ružena Sotníková, PhD., Grant VEGA N°: 2/5009/25)

In cooperation with Mechanical Engineering Faculty STU: New computer methods for analysis of fate and effect of biologically active substances. (Principal of the project: Assoc. prof. Ing. Ladislav Dedík, PhD., Grant VEGA N°: 1/0521/03)

Other Activities

  • Consulting activity: Drug Information Centre
  • Expertise  activity
  • Evaluation of medicaments within registration process
  • Cooperation with Uppsala Monitoring Centre in programme focused on drug safety

PhD. study at the Institute

Institute is training PhD. students in the study programme of

Clinical pharmacology.

Our PhD. students:

MUDr. Vasil Hricák

PharmDr. Orsolya H r u b á

Mgr. Petra M a s s a r o v á 

Mgr. Katarína V r a n e c o v á 

Mgr. Lucia Ž i g o v á 



Textbooks published by the Institute