Institute of Medical Biology, Genetics and Clinical Genetics

About institute

Institute of medical biology, genetics and clinical genetics in Bratislava (originally Institute for general biology) was established in 1923. The main aim of this institute was to introduce basic and general information from zoology, botany and anthropology to the medical students. The Institute began with teaching in the school year 1923/1924. Professor Frankenberger was entrusted with the leadership. Prof. Frankenberger also convinced Dr. Josef Florian Babor moved to Bratislava and took over as head of institute in 1924/1925 after his habilitation. Dr. Babor was a graduate of medicine at Charles University in Prague and attended a three-year study trip to major European universities after graduation. Dr. Vladimir Vršanský began working at the Institute under his leadership and subsequently became a leader in 1943. He focused on educational and research activities of institute. Institute’s new directions/approaches in human and medical genetics were applied thanks to him in the 70s of the last century. Dr. Vršanský, together with prof. Gustav Čatár, DSc., founded Institute of Parasitology in 1968. Prof. Čatár became his successor in 1980 when the prof. Vršanský retired. Between 1992 – 2007, the head of the institute was prof. Ján Vojtaššák, CSc. and assoc. prof. Daniel Böhmer, PhD. has been the head of institute from 2007 until now.

Head of institute

Assoc. prof. Lubos Danisovic, PhD.

Tel.: +421 2 90119 215
e-mail: lubos.danisovic(at)

Deputy head

prof. Vanda Repiská, PhD.

Tel.: +421 2 90119 500
e-mail: vanda.repiská(at)


Marcela Kunikova, PhD.

Tel.: +421 2 90119 924
e-mail: tatiana.braxatorisová(at)


prof. Vanda Repiská, PhD. Branch of Science General Biology

prof. Igor Tomo, PhD. Branch of Science Anthropology

prof. Ján Vojtaššák, PhD. Branch of Science Laboratory Medicine


Daniel Böhmer, M.D., PhD. Branch of Science General Biology

RNDr. Ľuboš Danišovič, PhD. Branch of Science Biology

Ing. Helena Gbelcová, Ph.D. Branch of Science Molecular and Cell Biology

Ján Chandoga, M.D., PhD. Branch of Science Medical Biochemistry

Assistant professors

MUDr. Martina Čulenová, PhD. (maternity leave)

Mgr. Daniela Klimová, PhD.

RNDr. Ľubica Krajčíová, PhD. (maternity leave)

RNDr. Marcela Kuniaková, PhD.

RNDr. Andrea Pastoráková, PhD.

Mgr. Petra Priščáková, PhD.

RNDr. Zuzana Varchulová - Nováková, PhD.


MUDr. Lajos Gergely

MUDr. Štefan Harsányi, PhD.

RNDr. Miroslav Tomka, PhD.


Brigita Jašková

Viera Kadnárová

Andrea Kálmánová

Beata Kolibíková

Marta Kováčová

Dagmar Nováková